The actress stripped down for her latest Instagram selfie

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated August 05, 2016 11:36 AM
Source: Laverne Cox/Instagram

When most people think of Laverne Cox, they probably imagine the statuesque, gown-clad beauty they regularly see swanning down the red carpet, or the perennially perfectly coiffed and manicured Sophia (her character on Orange Is the New Black). But on Thursday, the actress showed off a very different, but equally gorgeous, side of herself, giving fans a look at her barefaced beauty in a no makeup, natural hair, filter-free Instagram selfie.

In the shot, Laverne captured herself in profile wearing only a black bra and slip with her face freshly scrubbed free of cosmetics and her natural hair left unbraided, pulled back into a pony. She wrote in the caption for the shot, “The other day after I took out my braids before we put them back in. I keep it natural underneath. #NaturalHair#NoFilter #NoMakeup #JustMe. I love fake hair. It’s one of the great joys of my life. As an actress and a woman I love being able to transform, to switch up my look when I want to with wigs, weaves and bundles a plenty. I love this too. It’s about choices and options.”

We always knew Laverne was stunning, but her latest shot is undeniable evidence that whether she’s rocking a full face of glam or totally stripped down, what’s really beautiful is being able to express yourself however you see fit and change your mind about what that means every 10 minutes. Of course, having cheekbones for days never hurts either.