How sweet is this couple?

By Alex Apatoff
Updated August 14, 2015 08:52 PM

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy is a few months shy of celebrating her first anniversary with E! News anchor Jason Kennedy and as far as she’s concerned, their marital bliss so far has had a lot to do with keeping things clean.

Lauren Scruggs hair product

Courtesy Lauren Scruggs

“Jason and I have the same OCD and it’s hilarious,” Scruggs Kennedy tells PEOPLE at West Hollywood’s Blushington makeup studio to welcome longtime friend Shannon Yoachum and her blog, Style By Lolly, to L.A.. “We knew that before, but we literally like run into each other picking up a crumb and we’re like, Oh my gosh. This is really sad. We’re so strange. We never have to pick up after each other — it’s really nice.”

So no surprises since tying the knot? “I just think marriage makes everything better,” she says with a smile.

That includes her new side gig developing a dry shampoo-like product that she hopes to launch this year. “My really close friend thought of this idea. We started creating it in our apartment and just, like, moved forward with it, so it’s kind of like crazy that it’s actually happening,” Scruggs Kennedy says.

And since she’s still “waiting for approval” on the product, she’s got the perfect tip for bad hair days in the interim. “She’ll throw on a hat and meet me for lunch; I’m like, Oh my Gosh, she looks so chic,” her pal Yoachum dishes — to which Scruggs counters, “And I’m like, I haven’t washed my hair in four days!”

In addition to being a haircare guru in the works, Scruggs Kennedy is a New York Times-bestselling author and model, but she’s not the only one in her household keeping busy. Aside from his full-time gig on E!, her husband Jason, 33, will soon be heading to Georgia for his first big acting role in the film 90 Minutes in Heaven playing Hayden Christensen’s brother. “I’m so proud of him,” she gushes.

With such busy schedules, are they penciling in kids anytime soon? “We want to wait a couple of years — just enjoy married life and no responsibility, minimal responsibility,” she says. “We’re just having so much fun!”

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Do you love them as a couple? Are you excited to try her hair product?

— Abby Stern