Courtesy J.Crew

At 67, Lauren Hutton is still going strong as a symbol of classic American beauty. You can often find her collaborating with another fashion stalwart, J.Crew, gracing its popular catalog pages with her ageless style. And now in a special feature, the famous model is given free reign to not only style her own outfits but also dispenses some tried-and-true fashion advice for anyone hoping to adopt her iconic – yet laidback – sensibility. “You never want to look like you’ve spent too much time getting dressed,” she says on the site. “It’s better to look as if you’ve just thrown something on rather than prissed everything up. I like when things are slightly off-kilter, asymmetrical and a little messed up.” Hutton puts her words of wisdom to work, piecing together nine different looks, donning everything from classic wool suiting to funky sequined track pants, which she pairs with a men’s thermal. And while Hutton always looks effortless in her sartorial approach, it certainly did not come to her overnight. “Developing your very best personal style – and that includes figuring out what works for your body type – involves a lot of trial and error. Youth is for trying absolutely everything.” To see more of Hutton’s inspirational feature, check out now! –Hana Choi