The legendary supermodel and actress, 75, was just named StriVectin's new global brand ambassador

By Colleen Kratofil and Liz McNeil
August 28, 2019 08:00 AM
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There was no one ever like the singular Lauren Hutton, famous for her gap toothed smile and record-breaking Revlon contract. Now, five decades after she began modeling, she’s back with a brand new beauty gig as the global brand ambassador for StriVectin — and she’s sharing her secrets for living a beautiful life.

“As we age, women can be good-looking and vibrant in every way,” Hutton, 75, tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue.

Her number one beauty tip? “A good man,” she says with a smile. “And certainly don’t give up sex—because that’s just silly.”

In addition to having a “main squeeze” in her life, she also credits “laughing, reading and being in nature” as her best beauty tips. As far as products go, she keeps it simple: “I used to use a lot of coconut oil. I put that in my hair and all over my body. And then don’t use too much makeup.”

Credit: Venturelli/Getty

What she does swear by though, is a stellar skincare routine, like the one she found after partnering with StriVectin.

In August, she was named the new global brand ambassador at the same time the company re-introduced its SD Advanced™ PLUS Intensive Moisturizing Concentrate.

“She is an original,” says Joan Malloy, CEO of StriVectin, on the decision to tap Hutton. “She broke through glass ceilings for women. She speaks volumes for women of her age and she celebrates her age. We love that.”

In fact, the minute Malloy and her team met Hutton, they realized she was the right face for the brand. “She was so authentic and that just validated to us that she was such a symbol of empowerment, especially because of the way she felt about aging,” says Malloy. “She didn’t have any work done. She talked about how she got fired when she was in her 40’s, from Revlon, because she was too old. It was her attitude, her approach, her spirit, her determination. It just was a natural fit for us.”

Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

In 1973, Hutton was the first to demand a cosmetics contract—earning $250,000 a year, worth more than $1.4 million today—from Revlon, an unprecedented move by models at the time, and one which changed the industry forever.

But at 41, Hutton was fired after being told by a Revlon Vice President that “women over forty don’t wear makeup.”

But within a few years, she proved how wrong they really were.

“At 47, I went back to modeling, and it was not easy,” says Hutton. “I called up every editor I’d ever met and even those I hadn’t. I was looking at magazines, and there was no one over 28 in them, and those girls were saying they were 24. ‘Damn,’ I thought. ‘I still have a good time in bed. And most of my friends do, so why are we getting buried at 30 and 40?’”

And in the years since, her career has indeed thrived. In addition to her deal with StriVectin, Hutton is a style muse to everyone from J. Crew to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. She recently walked the Valentino Fall 2019 Couture show in July.

“She is a role model to younger women and other individuals today,” says Malloy. “That is just spectacular. We feel that together as a brand, we share a passion and a purpose, and it is about outsmarting aging and really celebrating women at every age.”