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Lauren Conrad - Style
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New York Fashion Week may be in full swing on the East Coast, but Lauren Conrad is bringing fall fashion to Southern California with her new must-see pop-up shop.

“Last year we debuted this collection in New York at New York Fashion Week and it was amazing,” Conrad tells PeopleStyle. “This year, we knew we wanted to do something a little bit different — I loved the idea of bringing the collection to this coast.”

Conrad’s sophomore LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection for Kohl’s is available online and at The Americana at brand shopping destination in Glendale, California, open now through Sept. 15.

Stepping inside the French-inspired glass shop is like any fashion lover’s dream closet turned reality. The limited edition capsule collection ranges from $14 to $269 and includes vintage-inspired designs of apparel, jewelry, handbags and footwear.

“I think there’s something fun about having your entire collection in one place,” says Conrad. “When I’m in Kohl’s, obviously I have my section but it’s in the store with all of their other brands, which are all amazing, but it’s kind of cool to just have a tiny space to be like ‘This is all me.'”

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Location isn’t the only thing that changed for the runway collection this year, though. This time around, Conrad opted for deeper hues for her feminine velvet, lace and silk pieces — making the collection perfect for fall.

“I always really love the second line because I think that you learn so much,” says Conrad. “It’s nice going into something a little more educated.”

One thing Conrad learned from her last collection was the importance of layering pieces. “We brought back this suede moto jacket that we had done last year and we did it in new colors because it was by far a favorite.”

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When asked about her personal favorite piece in the capsule collection, Conrad grabbed a light pink slip dress available in two colors. “I’ve always really loved the slip dress and I’m especially into them right now,” says Conrad. “This is actually the sketch I had done for the CFDA Awards this year. I actually had the jacket I’m wearing now layered over it and here it is now on the line.”

All but three of the pieces in the pop-up are online exclusives, so visiting the shop is the only opportunity to come see the collection in person. “We wanted to create a little experience for everybody,” says Conrad.

If you’re in the L.A. area, book an appointment for the in-store experience or stop by the shop to be seen as a walk-in. Who knows, you may even get lucky and see the fashion mogul there herself.

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–Brianne Tracy