The designer let what happened in Vegas, well, stay there

Amanda Schwab/Startraks

It’s a tragic story for an almost-weekend morning, but one that must be told: Lauren Conrad once lost a brand new Roberto Cavalli dress in Las Vegas.

“We had a premiere or finale party in Malibu beach for The Hills,” she recalls to “I was in Vegas and I bought this Cavalli dress that I absolutely loved.”

But alas, what happens in Vegas really did stay in Vegas. “I accidentally left it in a restaurant at the airport,” she admits. “It was this beautiful, full-length cream-colored dress with a bright orange flower on the side. I was so upset; I called the airport and I told them it was my wedding dress so they would look for it.”

Though airport staffers were able to locate the dress, “it came right before the premiere … I didn’t have time to have it altered,” Conrad says. “It was such a bummer because it was a beautiful dress that ended up not fitting quite right.”

Since that incident, however, Conrad has streamlined her packing process — even though she still considers herself a “horrible” packer. “I always pack the night before, so I always forget things,” she says. “So now, I always have one bag that I keep that’s packed with [travel-size] essentials. It’s filled with everything, from safety pins to Tide sticks and Band-Aids. I just have it ready for me so I can just throw it in my bag at any time.” Tell us: How do you pack for big trips?