Thanks to her extensions, the reality starlet spends lots of time in the stylist's chair
Lauren Conrad

Courtesy StyleCaster

Lauren Conrad spends a lot of time at the salon, and it’s not just because her pal Kristin Ess owns it.

“She’s fantastic … and is thankfully, very flexible with my schedule,” Conrad tells “I’ll come in at like 7 at night. My hair takes seven hours, so sometimes we’ll order take-out and drink champagne. We also like to fool around a bit, so it probably takes a lot longer than it should!”

And why exactly does it take so long to make Conrad’s mane all glossy and glam? “Well, I usually wear extensions!” she reveals to StyleCaster.

Though Conrad’s hair is high maintenance, her makeup routine is just the opposite.

“I’m one of those people who kind of found what works for them and sticks with it,” she says of her cat-eye liner and clean face. The same goes for her night-out beauty regimen. “I always bring a loose powder with me … and depending on my lip color I’ll either do a gloss or a lipstick, but other than that, that’s pretty much what I stick with. I like low-maintenance makeup.” Us too! For more with Conrad, and to go inside her Los Angeles design studio, head over to Tell us: How long do you spend on your daily hair and makeup routine?

–Jennifer Cress