The mom-to-be launched three new categories for her Kohl's line

By Katherine Richter
February 24, 2017 02:06 PM

Lauren Conrad’s design empire keeps expanding, with three new spring collections – including a Dress Up Shop, handbag line and fine jewelry collection hitting Kohl’s Thursday. (And no, we don’t know how she finds time to do it – in addition to her blog, her Little Market brand, her regular Kohl’s collection and a baby on the way – without even blinking a perfectly-lined eye either.)

Conrad, 31, told us that she’s always loved designing jewelry for her Kohl’s line, so she was “excited” to have the opportunity to pivot into fine jewelry when the time came. “They sent me all the different stones, the cuts that I could play with and sketch into. It was so much fun.” Since she has collected pieces over the years — fondly recalling her first fine jewelry piece, a gold ring featuring her amethyst birthstone and gifted by her parents — she says she pulled ideas from her own jewelry box for inspiration.

“I love trendy jewelry, but I also love collecting vintage pieces,” she shares. “When it came to the rose gold and diamond pieces, we wanted everything to feel very delicate and intricate. Nothing too modern!”

The expectant mom, who revealed her happy news with husband William Tell in January, reveals her stackable rings would make a perfect “push present” – a special gift given to a new mom once the baby arrives.

“I very much believe in the ‘push present’ idea!” she says, adding, “My husband’s laughing! I really love the little bands, whether it’s in a particular stone or coordinating with your child’s birthstone. You can layer it with your wedding ring or wear it alone.”

And jewelry isn’t the only thing she collects: Conrad shares that she has a hard time getting rid of special-occasion dresses (which you might have guessed, seeing how partial she is to the girlie staple). “I still have all my prom dresses – it’s a problem!” she says. “I need to get rid of it all, I’m not wearing my prom dress again and nobody wants it! For me, that’s the thing, when it comes to special occasions, that garment is so connected to that moment, it’s just nice to be able to go through that closet and remember everything. But I just get overly attached to clothing.”


These days, she’s creating people’s special-occasion dresses – her Paper Crown line creates bridesmaid dresses, and even her own friends have worn her LC Lauren Conrad designs to weddings. And while she is always happy to get their feedback, she tends to know what will work even before she asks for it. “I love getting input as far as what are the things you’re looking for when you’re shopping for special events, or what’s your favorite thing to wear to a wedding,” Conrad says. “When it comes to apparel, I’m pretty familiar with my customer by now. I know what neckline and colors she likes, and it’s great because once you get comfortable with that, you feel more confident when you’re designing. But when you get into a new category, my first question is, what styles are doing well? What colors are doing well?”

She also has plenty of opportunity for instant feedback from fans, seeing as she’ll frequently spot her pieces “in the wild” (and we’re sure she’ll have even more opportunities to do so now that her handbags are launching). But Conrad says she keeps it cool when she sees her fashion on the streets.

“I don’t stop them but it’s really exciting. It’s always cool to see it just randomly in person,” she says. “I see it on social media a bit, and that’s also really exciting, but I think when you pass someone wearing something you made, you usually do a double take!”

Are you excited to shop her new collections?