Lauren Conrad: 'I'll Never Go Bob Again!'

The star talks hair with PEOPLE


Short and sweet is not Lauren Conrad‘s mane mantra.

The fashionista, 28, laughed when asked about a photo posted by longtime hairstylist Kristen Ess that had many fans speculating that Conrad had made a huge crop. In fact, Conrad says she’ll save you the speculation in the future: You’re not going to see her with a short haircut again.

“No, I’ll never go bob again,” Conrad insisted to PEOPLE — having most recently (and very briefly) sported the do back in 2007.

“[Ess] actually texted it to me right when she posted it and she was like, ‘Some people have asked me if this is you,'” the Malibu Island Spiced Rum spokesperson said at an L.A. event for the brand. I was looking at the picture and I was like, ‘My head is bigger than that. I have a large head.’ ”

Holding up her hair to show off the current length, Conrad noted that she isn’t one to put her hair on the chopping block without some serious thought.

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“I haven’t let [Ess] cut my hair in, like, years,” she said. “Last time she cut my hair, I had dyed it pink with permanent dye and I dipped it and I gotten some too far up, so she had to cut it out. She held it up and was like, ‘Here?’ and I said, ‘Yeah, I think so.’ And she just chopped it.”

In the end, though, the newly-engaged Paper Crown designer has a quick fix to solve (almost) any hair snafu.
“I think you can always throw extensions in and have long hair,” she said. “There are options.”

What do you think of her commitment to long hair? Are you the same way?

–Dahvi Shira

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