The star is ringing in the milestone with a special anniversary/holiday collection that hits stores in November

By Colleen Kratofil
October 21, 2019 09:00 AM
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Lauren Conrad has a lot to celebrate this holiday season!

First, the former Hills star welcomed her second son, Charlie, with husband William Tell a week and a half ago. And now, she’s ringing in another monumental milestone in life — the 10th anniversary of her LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s line and its celebratory holiday collection.

The line that gave her fans a chance to get her colorful and cool California aesthetic, has expanded from apparel to include accessories, home goods and even a maternity line when she was expecting her first son in 2017. “We really started as a clothing line and have become a lifestyle brand,” Conrad says in a special 10-year-anniversary video which looks back through her past campaigns.

Credit: Courtesy Kohl's

“It’s been really nice to grow along with this brand. They really mirrored my life milestones. We did a maternity line when I was pregnant. Whenever there’s something happening in my life, they’re like, ‘Let’s talk about it, it should be reflected in the line,’ which is really cool. I think as I continue to grow and have changes in my life that will continue to be shown throughout the line.”

To kick off the 10-year celebration, Conrad created a special anniversary/holiday collection that perfectly encapsulates the aesthetic of her brand.

Credit: Courtesy Kohl's

“The 10th anniversary collection is inspired by everything that this line stands for,” she explains in the video. “You’ll see that through the color story and the embellishment and the fabrics and silhouettes. It’s really a concentrated collection of our aesthetic and I’m very excited about. It really feels like a celebration of this brand.”

While Conrad was in New York City for final design meetings of the collection this summer, PEOPLE got to catch up with the design powerhouse to get a sneak peek of the new pieces.

Credit: Courtesy Kohl's

“We wanted it to feel like a celebration of the line because 10 years is a very big deal, and the brand has grown so much in those years,” Conrad tells PEOPLE exclusively. “It was really fun to kind of look back at what we stood for, what were all of the moments we had and things we did and then make sure that those were all represented within those lines.”

The first drop will be delivered to stores in November, the second in December, which each feature the brand’s signature hues.

“The color palette really comes through. One month is heavily focused on pink, which is very true to the line, and then the other is blue because we have just a lot of pinks and blues throughout the line,” explains Conrad. “I also wanted to make a statement, and I feel like when you stand strong behind one color, it feels like a strong statement. I’m also a huge fan of tonal dressing, so I love being able to dress in one color head to toe.”

Credit: Courtesy Kohl's

The collection contains a slew of party pieces that will make perfect holiday season attire as well.

To learn more about the collection and look back at the last 10 years of her line, we sat down with Conrad to pick her brain about her design process.

PEOPLE: What was the biggest challenge you’ve come across working on your line throughout the last 10 years?
LC: The biggest challenge? When we decided to do a runway collection and show at New York Fashion Week [in September 2015], that was a lot of pressure. And we have a really accessible price point, so we wanted to make sure that we were still providing the shopper with that, but we also wanted to deliver as much value as possible, which we always do, but we wanted to have really elevated pieces, and that means looking at different embellishment and fabrics that are a little outside of what we usually do. That was challenging to deliver a collection worthy of being on a runway at a Kohl’s price point. It was a very validating moment. And we were able to do it, but that really just speaks to the team I have. They’re amazing.

P: Do you think you’ll ever do another fashion show?
LC: I don’t know because I think the industry is changing. I think that people don’t show the same way as they used to. Runway shows will probably always exist, but I think that people are also looking at more intimate ways to share their collection. People want to show collections that are available for purchase right away. The industry is changing. I used to spend a lot of time attending fashion shows and now I’m much more likely to be in invited to a preview at a lunch or a dinner. So I think that people are just approaching it really differently, which is cool.

P: What have you learned from your customer over the years?
LC: I think the biggest thing that I’ve taken away is that is the importance of listening to your customer. I mean at the end of the day you are designing a line for her. It only makes sense to give her exactly what she’s looking for and Kohl’s is very good about that. Social media has made that so much easier. So feedback is important. Listen to it.

P: Do you read every comment?
LC: Yes, on the website I read every comment. I think it’s important to take criticism of any product as an opportunity to improve it. I mean you’re constantly developing new ideas as trends, new trends emerge and you’re not going to get it right every single time. And that’s okay. I think that you just have to always be open to improvement and listen to what the customer really likes and make sure you’re giving her more of that. So it’s just always listening and keeping lines of communication open.

P: What differentiates your brand from others?
LC: It’s feminine details. We have little touches of rose gold or a little tiny trims, it’s the little things that we add in there that kind of separate us. We want every piece to feel special. Even if it’s something as simple as a denim jacket or a blazer or a pair of jeans. That last little touch of detail is what separates it.

P: What inspires you in terms of design aesthetic?
LC: You always want to have newness, but you also want to be there for your loyal customer and continue to deliver the pieces she’s looking for. It’s a balance. We have classic pieces that we’re going to reinvent through new fabrics and prints and update slightly. But then you also want to make sure that you have exciting pieces in there and maybe even something that she’s not looking for but then finds.

P: Personally, how do you get inspired on a day to day basis?
LC: I love Pinterest. If I get an idea or if I have an interest, I definitely explore it through Pinterest. I’m the type of person who really has an interest and I stick with it for like six months or so and then it’s on the next thing. Right now I’m very into gardening so that’s been something. It’s something that I can also do with my son, which is really nice because every weekend we go to our local nursery and he picks some flowers and we spend some time there.

P: What do you want your legacy as a designer to be as a designer?
LC: I’ve never really thought about that. I know it sounds really simple, but I’d like to be thought of as someone who just made pretty things.