Lauren Bushnell Says Husband Chris Lane Tints Her Eyebrows for Her: 'He Has a Hidden Talent'

The newlywed chatted with PEOPLE about her skincare routine and the clean beauty products she swears by

Before Bachelor alum Lauren Bushnell walked down the aisle to wed county singer Chris Lane, her bridal glam included facials, a cryotherapy roller and a little help from her man.

In a new interview, Bushnell, 29, revealed the sweet way Lane helped her get bridal-ready.

“Chris tints my eyebrows for me,” Bushnell tells PEOPLE. “I will say, he has a hidden gift for makeup too, we just don’t know it.”

And the country star, 35, called his wife’s wedding makeup “flawless,” adding, “My baby does a great wing liner.”

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The duo married on Oct. 25 at a “secret garden” ceremony in their hometown of Nashville, Tennessee in front of 160 family members and friends, PEOPLE reported exclusively.

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Aside from Bushnell’s eyebrow grooming, she says her wedding prep didn’t stray too far from her typical routine.

“I tried to drink a ton of water and get a lot of rest,” she explains. “And I got a facial a few days before, so I felt really hydrated and glow-y.”

And as a regular at the Nashville cosmetic dermatology center, Skin Pharm, the 29-year-old went with her go-to facials — micro-needling (a collagen-plumping procedure) and dermaplaning (a non-invasive treatment) — four weeks before her wedding for “optimal results.”

“I also bought a cryotherapy roller that I swear the morning of really helped reduce any inflammation or puffiness,” she adds.

Lauren Bushnell
Lauren Bushnell

But Bushnell credits her clear skin to the “holy grail” beauty product from clean beauty brand, Terasana.

“I’ve been using Terasana’s facial oil for a long time,” she explains. “In fact, since before it hit the market. And I just fell in love with it. I travel a lot on airplanes and the oil helps when my skin gets really dry. Overall, I’ve noticed just a huge difference in my skin.”

Since using Tersana’s facial oil, Bushnell has made the switch to cleaner beauty products.

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Lauren Bushnell Lane. Lauren Bushnell

“I was having a hard time pronouncing a lot of the things that were in my beauty products, let alone knowing what they are,” Bushnell adds. “So I’ve been trying to gear towards the clean beauty space. It [gives me] peace of mind knowing that what I’m putting on my skin is natural and it won’t harm me.”

Bushnell has incorporated other clean products into her nighttime routine, like Terasana’s vitamin-C serum, which she “slathers on with the oil,” and a facial spray from Tata Harper.

Since moving to Nashville with Lane, Bushnell has made another tweak to her routine — she lets her skin “breathe” more.

“When I first moved, my skin went through a funky phase where it felt even extra sensitive,” she says. “I just let my skin go natural and do its thing. It’s been really nice to not have the task of putting on makeup. And I don’t feel the need to put on makeup every time I leave the house.”

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