The HBO star told Matt Lauer he had to respond with an answer as stupid as that study
Credit: John P. Johnson

After an extended six-year hiatus, the beloved HBO sitcom Curb Your Enthusiasm is finally returning to a small screen near you on October 1. And along with it comes everybody’s favorite ruthlessly unrepentant curmudgeon who refuses to comply with the general rules of common decency and decorum, Larry David.

The comedy star and Seinfeld co-creator joined his fellow Curb cast mates, Jeff Garlin, Cheryl Hines, Susie Essman, and J.B. Smoove, on Wednesday morning’s episode of NBC News’ TODAY to talk about what precipitated his show’s long-anticipated return, what this season has in store for fans, and let Matt Lauer pick his brain on a few current hot topics. Hot topics such as, are bald men sexier than those with a full head of luscious locks?

In his interview with Lauer, David kicked things off by saying of the teaser trailer for his new series, “I don’t know how you can call that not likable,” agreeing with the TODAY host, that, “I’m the only person who makes me laugh.” Matt then segued into a new study from the University of Pennsylvania that claims that ladies find bald men to be more attractive, confident, and dominant as compared to their full-haired counterparts, asking for the HBO star’s personal opinion on those findings.

And the famously hairless David did not disappoint, giving Lauer an answer as equally absurd as he considers those finding to be, cutting him short and retorting, “What a crock of s—,” in his completely deadpan style. He went on to say, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but it was so stupid that I had to say it. The stupidity had to be met with something like that, that’s the only way I could deal with. Believe me, as a bald man, ok, there’s not a word of truth to any of that.” Finally, he demanded that the host, “Repeat it, repeat it, I want to hear it one more time,” as Matt implored him not to say what he said again as well.

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After apologizing to viewers for his foul language, Larry concluded, “It’s impossible, how could that be. No. But I have heard that we have more testosterone, so there you go, maybe… Because I’m an animal, sexually, you know. An animal. Even at 70. I’ll go against a guy with hair in bed any day of the week.”

Judging by this interview alone, it sounds like the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm is already shaping up to be pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good.

What do you think of that study’s findings? Do you agree with David or do you think there’s some truth to it? Sound off below!