Say hello to your newest obsession.

By Braelyn Wood
September 09, 2019 06:05 PM
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My free time is often spent scrolling through Sephora’s latest releases and stalking Instagram for sneak peeks of not-yet-released skincare. But while I love trying out new beauty products, I’m also a loyalist at heart to some of my favorite brands. So it’s no surprise that once I fall hard for a product, I have a really hard time moving on and opening myself up to something new. Case in point: My obsession with Lancôme’s Cils XL Booster Mascara Primer.

To be clear, I am an eyelash obsessee. If I could only take one beauty item to a stranded island, it would be mascara. Absolutely nothing, in my opinion, rounds out a makeup look quite like long, full lashes. But while I love the look of super voluminous lashes à la Kim Kardashian, I’m not a fan of wearing fake lashes and am still scarred by the story of the woman who lost her sight from poorly-applied eyelash extensions. So instead of going the fake eyelash route, I apply three to four coats of mascara (specifically my favorite brand: Buxom Volumizing Mascara) to achieve a similar look.

Knowing my infatuation with luscious lashes, my sister introduced me to the Lancôme mascara primer. Even though the concept of eyelash primer felt natural — considering I already use primer on my face and eyelids — I was still skeptical at first. The $26 tube felt like a completely unnecessary addition to my beauty routine. Let’s just say: I was very wrong.

I was obsessed from the very first application. The non-clump formula contains tiny microfibers that build on your natural lashes to give you an extra boost of both length and volume. When layered under my favorite mascara, my lashes look unbelievably long and thick.

It’s also super easy to use. The creamy, white formula (which makes the pigment of your mascara really pop) helps you determine how well you’ve coated your lashes. Not only does the primer make my lashes look amazing, but the boost of Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E turns every application into a nourishing treatment. The brand even suggests wearing the conditioning primer overnight as a “lash mask.”

Once I was introduced to the world of lash primer, I tried alternatives, like L’Oreal’s $7 budget-friendly alternative and the equally-pricey Marc Jacob’s Velvet Eyelash Primer. Yet I always find myself returning to my tried-and-true, Lancôme’s primer.

I’m not the only person completely obsessed with the lash primer. There’s over 1,000 rave reviews on Nordstrom from impressed buyers who, like me, call this product a staple in their beauty routines. One five-star reviewer even claimed “I could not live without Cils Booster!”

So if you want your lashes to look like a celebrity lash expert just applied extensions — but without the cost, effort, and upkeep of eyelash extensions — there’s no doubt in my mind this will be your next beauty-must have. The proof is in the lashes!