April 24, 2018 09:00 AM
Mackenzie Mitchell

Whether we’re peeking inside Jennifer Lopez’s walk-in with its library-style ladder or ogling Khloé Kardashian’s meticulously-organized space, celebrity closets always leave us with major envy. So when the hosts of the LadyGang podcast (which has a new episode today) offered a look into their wardrobes, from their biggest splurges to their best finds, we couldn’t resist taking the tour. And we’re giving you fair warning now, you’ll want to do an entire closet clean out to copy their chic styles as soon as you’re done reading this.

If you haven’t listened to the LadyGang podcast yet ( download episodes here to get caught up before they go twice weekly in May), it’s time to start. Hosted by Keltie Knight, an entertainment reporter for Entertainment Tonight, Jac Vanek, a fashion designer and CEO of Jac Vanek, and Becca Tobin, who you know as Kitty Wilde on Glee, it’s inspired by their bottomless mimosa brunches (so, the best kind of girl talk). Each week celebrity guests, including stars like Lea Michele and Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams, join the ladies for a raw, honest and hilarious look at what life is really like in Hollywood and answer questions from LadyGang listeners.

We asked them all about their favorite items in their closets and they shared their sweetest style stories with us. What’s something they’ll never throw out? What’s the item they just can’t stop buying more of? Find out in their chic photo diary — where they model their favorite piece! — below.

What Was Your First Big Splurge?

Mackenzie Mitchell

Keltie Knight (left): “This also went along with my first big heartbreak. I call it my ‘breakup Chanel’ because I bought it with a massively broken heart and used it to make me feel better. It did and it still does today.”

Jac Vanek (center): “When I was 23 I went to Vegas and ended up at a high roller’s blackjack table. He kept giving me tips and kept pushing me to bet more and more, and I ended up leaving at 7 a.m. with $6,000. I bought myself a Rimowa suitcase I was lusting over and saved the rest.”

Becca Tobin (right): “Shortly after I booked Glee, I picked out this Givenchy bag. I went classic black, and I’m so glad I did. It’s the best bag for traveling. Even if I’m in sweats, I can carry this and still look a little chic.”

What Is Your Most Sentimental Item?

Mackenzie Mitchell

KK: “My husband gave me this vintage locket on our wedding day with a teeny pic from our third date and a beautiful card. It has our initials CKC on it and our wedding date.”

BT: “It’s a belt my mom bought in the ’70s and it’s my absolute favorite.”

JV: “I’m ridiculously attached to my parents’ old sweats. My mom would always dye her hair in this Syracuse sweatshirt, so it has stains and rips but it’s my favorite.”

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What’s the Oldest Piece in Your Closet That You’ll Never Throw Out?

Mackenzie Mitchell

KK: “I’ve had this shirt since 7th grade, my love for Nirvana has never wavered. In fact, I even wear this shirt so much, I got engaged in it (by accident!)”

Mackenzie Mitchell

BT: “This was my grandmother’s Pucci dress so that makes it at least 50 years old. I will never get rid of this piece! I hope I have a daughter who can wear it one day.”

Mackenzie Mitchell

JV: “I’ve had this ugly jean jacket for as long as I can remember. Any time I go through my closet to purge, I think I’m going to throw it out but I can’t never bring myself to do it. I also wear it all the time.”

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What’s Something You Keep Buying Even Though You Have a Million of Them?

Mackenzie Mitchell

KK: “Mine is Mother denim high-waisted ankle jeans in “Lovegun.” I have four pairs in two sizes for when I feel skinny and when I feel bloated. They are the best jeans I’ve ever owned and I’ve been terrified they would be sold out so I bought a week’s worth! I’m wearing them right now.”

Mackenzie Mitchell

BT: “Black booties are my addiction, and I can’t stop buying them. Maybe it’s the New Yorker in me, but there’s nothing better than a great black bootie.”

Mackenzie Mitchell

JV: “Everyone who knows me knows I’m the crop top queen. I. Can’t. Stop.”

What’s Something You Stole From a Set or a Shoot?

Mackenzie Mitchell

KK: “Stylist Paris Libby styled me for an appearance on Project Runway and I fell in love with this ring from his personal collection. I have no idea who made it, but I accidentally kept it and Paris never asked for it back, Sorry Paris!”

BT: “I don’t know if this is considered stealing (and it’s gross) but I love the nude undies they occasionally give me to wear on set when my wardrobe requires it. I can never have enough of these seamless, nude thongs. How cheap does that make me sound?!”

JV: “I borrowed this Nookie dress from Keltie to wear for my birthday two years ago and it has somehow found its permanent home in my closet.”

What’s Something You Bought That Still Has Tags and You Never Wear But Can’t Get Rid of?

Mackenzie Mitchell

KK: “I got sucked into the ‘You can write your name on something’ stand at Bloomingdale’s and bought this clutch with my name on it, over two years ago. I’ve never worn it once.”

BT: “This Kooples dress is a little more feminine than I tend to go (hence the tags) but I just love it. I am determined to find the perfect occasion for it.”

JV: “I got these camo pants thinking I’d wear them one day and feel really cool but every time I put them on I feel like a buffoon. Maybe one day I’ll figure out the perfect outfit for them.”

What Piece in Your Closet Has a Great Back Story?

Mackenzie Mitchell

KK: “I bought this vintage cape in a second hand store in Toronto for $11 a decade ago. I love it so much and I recently wore it to host the Thanksgiving Day Parade on CBS and Gayle King asked to try it on and tried to steal it from me!”

Mackenzie Mitchell

BT: “These are the jeans I was wearing when my husband and I had our first kiss. I was a total badass that night and slid across the hood of a car to impress him. That’s definitely what sealed the deal.”

Mackenzie Mitchell

JV: “After we got our first check from LadyGang, I bought myself a Chanel purse. It was my first big purchase (other than my suitcase) and I worked hard for it.”

What’s Your Most Amazing Pair of Shoes?

Mackenzie Mitchell

KK: “Nothing feels sexier than a pair of sky high heels, and these (from Tamara Mellon) have the iconic straps that make them extra special.”

JV: “Absolutely obsessed with my Tamara Mellon lace up heels.  They pretty much make every outfit sexy as hell.”

Mackenzie Mitchell

BT: “I bought these Prada shoes a couple years ago when I was in Paris for a Glee appearance. I still wear them all the time, and panic when I think about them getting worn out.”

What’s Your Best Organization Secret?

KK: “I use office organizers to separate all my clutches and purses in my closet.”

BT: “I keep all my shoes in plastic boxes with Polaroid pictures of the shoe taped to the outside of the box.”

JV: “I use a 'pill of the day' organizer to travel with necklaces. I’m always traveling and keep my necklaces organized by storing them in the little compartments of daily pill containers.”

Want more of the LadyGang? Be sure to listen to their podcast every week and check out Ladybox, a quarterly box of their favorite products that include the perfect items for a staycation, festival looks or gifts for your best girlfriends. Who knows, maybe in the next box, they’ll include those divine black booties? Here’s hoping!

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