"Security removed it," Lady Gaga said of the Tiffany Yellow Diamond, a 128.54 carat stone, which she wore to the 2019 Oscars

By Ally Mauch
May 29, 2020 01:19 PM
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Lady Gaga revealed that she caused quite a stir when she headed to Taco Bell to celebrate after the Academy Awards in 2019 ⁠— and forgot to take off her jewels.

Gaga, 34, appeared on Friday’s episode of The Graham Norton Show and discussed last year’s Oscars, where she wore the priceless Tiffany Yellow Diamond.

“I didn’t know what was going to happen that night – I was just so happy to be there,” Gaga said, according to ET Canada. “My sister and I were barrelling through champagne backstage and when we left, I didn't tell anyone, and I still had the diamond on.”

She continued, “Everyone freaked out that I was still wearing it — when I went to Madonna's house, security guards were side-eyeing me and eventually, when we were heading to Taco Bell, my car was pulled over and Tiffany's security politely removed it from my neck.”


During the 2019 Oscars, Gaga took home her first Academy Award, winning Best Original Song for her duet with Bradley Cooper, “Shallow.” The “Born This Way” singer was also nominated for her performance in A Star Is Born, but lost out to Olivia Colman, who won Best Actress for her role in The Favourite.

The Tiffany Diamond Gaga wore — paired with an elegant black Alexander McQueen gown and matching opera gloves — totaled 128.54 carats and is said to worth around $30M, according to e. It was first discovered in South Africa over 140 years ago by Tiffany & Co. founder Charles Lewis Tiffany.

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Tiffany had found the stone in 1877 and acquired it one year later. In honor of Tiffany’s 175th anniversary in 2012, the one-of-a-kind gem was reset into the eye-catching necklace, which is the style Gaga wore. It features over 100 carats of white diamonds.

Gaga was the first celebrity to wear the precious diamond since Audrey Hepburn, who famously wore the massive yellow stone in publicity photos for her 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

“Lady Gaga is the ultimate creator, innovator and rule breaker, and I’m thrilled that she will be wearing the legendary Tiffany Diamond on the awards show red carpet for the first time since it was discovered 141 years ago,” Reed Krakoff, Tiffany & Co. Chief Artistic Officer, said in a statement at the time.