The superstar and founder of Haus Laboratories says staying true to herself "is part of how I love myself"

By Jackie Fields
September 18, 2019 09:15 AM
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For the last decade, Lady Gaga’s been shape-shifting in the entertainment industry, and the beauty space. (Remember the hair bows, David Bowie-inspired looks and show-stopping Super Bowl bling?)

Her next career venture hones in on her love of makeup. This week Gaga launched her highly anticipated cosmetics line Haus Laboratories (available both on and worldwide. To celebrate, the superstar opened up to PEOPLE about her beauty journey and how she stays true to herself now, no matter how she looks – or what others think.

“I don’t pay attention to what is trending or what people necessarily want to see me as, says Gaga, 33.

“I’m just always me, whether people like it or not.”

For the singer, tuning out the noise is an essential part of her self-care.

“Staying true to myself is part of how I love myself,” she says.

While Gaga may not be swayed by any one or thing, the chairwoman and founder of Haus Laboratories hopes the brand makes a positive impact.

“In truth, we don’t care if you wear our makeup or not. What’s important to us is that you love yourself and spread that kind message around the world.”

Read on for more empowering words from Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga
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Of the 27 products you created, what’s your power trio?

Lady Gaga: It is hard for me to pick my favorite because I love how all of these products can be used in a range of different ways. [But] if I had to choose, I love the stick on Eye Armor Kit because the wing-tips are the false eyelashes of eyeliner and can be used in minutes to create the perfect symmetrical winged liner look by simply applying them and then filling in the lash line with our Eye-Lie-Ner. They’re also re-usable and can be cut and used with the Eye-Lie-Ner to create a variety of totally unique looks.

The RIP Lip Liner is also my favorite. It’s Demi-Matte but still creamy, precise, with extreme color payoff — and can also be worn like a lipstick.

And of course I love our innovation — Glam Attack, an all-over-face color liquid shimmer powder that applies like a liquid with a precise applicator but dries down like a gorgeous ultra-shimmering light eyeshadow, highlight or lip pop.

You can create different personas with makeup, or go bare, but ultimately the real transformation comes from within and loving yourself.

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Your longtime makeup artist Sarah Tanno has created countless looks for you over the years. What do you do if you need to be made up, and she’s not around?

I do my makeup myself; I did my own stage makeup for years. I’m actually a great makeup artist on myself — and others. I’m of course not on Sarah’s level but you know, I try!

You’re photographed every time you step outside. What helps you feel confident the moment you step out the door?

Not caring what other people think of me by judging me by my looks. That’s shallow. Whether I’m dressed up with makeup or in sweatpants with none, I’m just being me.

Lady Gaga
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You are able to express yourself so openly on social media, but what would you say to a woman who isn’t as comfortable doing so?

I would say that the media does not define your ability to influence the world and express who you are. The power is in you, and by being you every day, you are expressing that to everyone you cross paths with. Whether you have tons of social media followers or not, this does not impact your effect on the world. We’re all in this together and humanity’s core is truly based on human to human interaction, that’s why I believe kindness, especially in person, is so powerful.

This interview has been condensed and edited. For more of Lady Gaga’s views on beauty, check out this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on stands nationwide on Friday.