Members of Lady Antebellum and their spouses walked the 2019 CMAs red carpet in Dolce & Gabbana

By Katie Intner
November 22, 2019 05:45 PM

At the 2019 Country Music Association Awards on Nov. 13, the entire Lady Antebellum group and their respective spouses showed up serving serious designer looks. They all matched in black Dolce & Gabbana ensembles, with the men wearing sleek, fitted suits and the women donning sophisticated black dresses.

But for Cassie Kelley, the wife of Lady Antebellum singer Charles Kelley, 38, her red-carpet moment was especially meaningful.

Credit: John Shearer/WireImage

The mother-of-one (pictured right) wore a black midi dress from the designer, featuring a square neckline and circle embellishments down one side. She accessorized her Dolce & Gabbana piece with a light pink embellished top-handle bag and black embellished pumps.

In an Instagram post following the CMA Awards on Nov. 14, Cassie shared a group photo with a lengthy caption praising the fashion house for dressing her body, despite not being “supermodel size.”

“One more pic from last night, because I have to sing the absolute PRAISES of @dolcegabbana…y’all, if I’m being honest being photographed on a red carpet is kind of a mind trip for me,” Cassie wrote in her caption. “As someone who isn’t a supermodel size, sometimes I immediately go to a place in my head that criticizes every inch of my body. Looking back at photographs can be rough and of course internet trolls can try to tell you that your body isn’t good enough.”

Cassie also explained why wearing the iconic designer, who offered to dress the entire group, was an “absolutely dream.”

“I walked into the fitting with a rack of gorgeous couture,” she added. “Most couture brands only go up to a size 8 😩 but dolce has the most beautiful inclusive sizing and goes up to a size 18!! When I saw this black dress on the rack I absolutely LOVED it but told the stylist that this shape doesn’t look great on my body. Her response? ‘Ok but this is dolce.’ 🤣 Meaning, ‘Yeah but Dolce fits and flatters every woman’s body’ TRUE. Truth. I zipped it up and voila. Perfection. I felt AWESOME!”

The country musician’s wife concluded her caption by thanking Dolce & Gabbana for providing size-inclusive dresses, which recently extended its full range offering to include women’s sizes 16 and 18.

“So this is a long post to say thank you, @dolcegabbana for making clothes that love a woman’s body. Thank you for being inclusive in your sizing. Thank you for offering to dress a 36 year old stay at home mom for a red carpet, because I felt absolutely beautiful last night. #dolcegabbana #cmaawards #ladyantebellum.”

In July, Cassie also donned Dolce & Gabbana for a dinner party thrown by the brand and Florida Georgia Line‘s Tyler Hubbard and wife Hayley for a slew of their country music friends, which included the whole Lady Antebellum crew.

“Such a special night 💫 thank you @dolcegabbana for the evening under the stars and the biggest hugs ever for @tylerhubbard@hayley_hubbard @cleashearer@johnshearer for hosting and to chef @trevoromorain for an absolutely exquisite meal 🙌🏻 living la dolce vita in nashville is pretty freaking awesome 💯 🇮🇹,” Cassie captioned a post from the night.

Charles and Cassie have been married for 10 years and share one son together, Ward Charles, 3½ .

Before Ward’s birth, Cassie revealed that she struggled to conceive.

“Many months went by with negative pregnancy tests and a lot of shared frustration … We went through several years of trying before finally seeing our fertility doctor in Nashville this past November,” she wrote on Womanista.

“When all was said and done, our doctor informed us that we had about a 1 percent chance of conceiving a child naturally. Yeah. 1 percent,” she continued. “We never stopped hoping though … We made a plan to regroup this fall and explore other options to expand our family. Then it happened. I woke up one morning in June and there it was, a positive pregnancy test. I was in shock. Happy shock, but shock.”