La Toya Jackson's ring is enormous -- see the exclusive photo

Talk about a sweet surprise! La Toya Jackson was just expecting the dessert course during her romantic dinner with “best friend” and business partner Jeffré Phillips — but she got a much more sparkly treat instead.

La Toya JAckson engagement ring photo

Courtesy Ja-Tail Enterprises; Inset: Splash News Online

During their floral-strewn meal in a suite at Hawaii’s Trump Hotel, Phillips, 46, surprised the star, 58, by dropping on one knee and asking her to marry him. But he told her, “I don’t have a ring for you,” Jackson tells PEOPLE. “I said, ‘Well, that’s okay. I don’t care about a ring.'”

Then dessert was served. “When I lifted (the lid) for the dessert, there was the ring,” she says. And what a ring it is: The round center diamond is 10 carats alone, and is surrounded by another 7.5 carats in round diamonds set in a platinum band — all designed by Phillips himself.

“Jeffré goes over the top with a lot of things,” says Jackson. “He found exactly what I would like or want. It’s really beautiful,” she says.

“It’s very, very big,” she admits. “It’s a heavy one too.”

When Life with La Toya returns June 7 on OWN, Jackson says, viewers will see just how shocked she was by the proposal. Refusing to give away her initial answer, Jackson says, “Let’s just say it wasn’t a fast yes … It’s a roller coaster ride.”

What do you think of the ring? Are you excited to see the proposal play out live? Weigh in below.

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–Sharon Cotliar