All you need is her extensive list of products and some extra time
Credit: Kyle Jenner/Snapchat

Kylie Jenner/Snapchat

When her makeup artists are away, Kylie Jenner will play… with a casual, everyday, 22-step makeup routine that takes her more than hour to complete.

Lucky for us, the 18-year-old rising beauty mogul took stock of the entire routine on Snapchat, making it easier than ever before to recreate her DIY look with all of her favorite products — all of which she also included in the videos. But please note, we didn’t say “making it easy;” in fact, it’s “low key hard”, according to one of her captions. Up for the challenge and have a ton of free time? See all of the steps that go into achieving the star’s ready-for-her-Snapchat-closeup face.

4. “Set that bitch.” (In layman’s terms, apply Laura Mercier translucent powder to your eyelids)

6. And then apply a darker brown shade to the lash line and outer corners and blend upwards

8. Dampen the sponge before setting the concealer “so it doesn’t look cakey,” then blend it all in.

9. Fluff translucent powder under eyes, on forehead and down the nose

11. Brush a smoky shadow under the bottom lash line

12. Apply Benefit Hoola bronzer under cheekbones, on temples, and around the jaw line

13. Set brows using Anastasia Beverly Hills clear brow gel

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17. And achieve a softer look by applying brown mascara to the bottom lashes

19. Clean up any smudges on eyelids with a cotton swab

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— Jillian Ruffo