Kylie Jenner's Glam Room Has Its Own Specially Lit Selfie Station (Like You Don't?!)

She also shares a peek of her wig lineup, too!

Kylie Jenner gave the world a tour of her closets (yes, plural) last month, but surely you didn’t think the fun stopped there. She’s also got a whole chamber devoted to her “glam,” which includes a wig area, makeup drawers and (be still your heart) a special selfie camera setup.


Courtesy Kylie Jenner

The tour took place on her website,, with the 18-year-old star giving us the inside scoop of her favorite room in the house. If the mirrored walls look familiar, that’s because she lifted them straight from sister Khloé Kardashian. “I just wanted to copy her because she just has good ideas.” Kylie said. “Okay, Khloé, I get it.”

Then she showed us her “favorite light ever” which comes complete with a built-in iPhone holder (a.k.a. the perfect selfie station) which she describes as “the s–t.”

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Courtesy Kylie Jenner

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Next we get a glimpse of her impressive makeup drawers — they’re chock-full and super-organized. “I didn’t realize how much makeup I have until people are like, ‘You have so much makeup’,” she says insightfully.

To inspire her whole getting-ready process, she has a framed photo of her three older sisters sitting right next to her makeup drawers. “They’re all super glammed-up in hair and makeup, so they just inspire me when I get my makeup done,” she shares.

Then she takes us through her line up of wigs (the black look from the VMAs, the blue phase, and the blonde she wore to her 18th birthday party). Her take on those? “I think I’m a wig girl. I love wigs and they’re super easy.”

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She ends the tour with a glimpse of the fresh finishes on her bathroom (she’s obsessed with the light-up Toto sink and snake-skin wallpaper).

What do you think of Kylie’s glam room? Did you even know you could have a light-up sink? Share in the comments below!

–Colleen Kratofil

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