Kylie Jenner Proves She's a Marketing Master in Her Latest Sheer Lingerie Selfie

The teen posed in a yellow lace bra ahead of her 20th birthday

Photo: Kylie Jenner Twitter

While many decry the Kardashian-Jenner family for being famous simply for being famous, this group of reality stars actually have quite a bevy of talents, including making news for their every day ensembles, showing off said ensembles on their various social media platforms via an endless set of mirror selfies, and turning their notoriety from both of these endeavors into huge, multi-million dollar business empires covering everything from cosmetics to calendars. And in her latest shot posted to Twitter, Kylie Jenner epitomized all of the things her and her siblings do best, posting a mirror selfie in a sheer lace bra while casually holding some merch from her sister's latest product launches.

Amidst all of the drama her family has faced as of late, including Rob's NSFW revenge porn antics, the accusations against Kim of blackface, and of course, Kylie and Kendall's own endless vintage rap tee controversies, there's been nary a moment for the Lip Kit CEO to participate in her favorite pastime–stripping down to her underpinnings and posing in front of a mirror to take a snap for her millions of fans.

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On Sunday evening, the 19-year-old finally got a chance to resume her beloved hobby, showing off her new mustard yellow, sheer lace Lonely bra in her bathroom mirror on Twitter, grabbing at the waistband of her sweatpants with one hand and grasping her phone with the other, with her shoulder-length lob swept to one side and her left wrist still manacled by her Cartier Love bracelet.

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Of course, this isn't just any simplistic selfie. As with everything the KarJenners do, it's also a subliminal advertisement for every product her family produces. You see that phone case is Kylie's hand? It's from her sister Kim's Father's Day Kimoji collection featuring a heart with an arrow through it that says "Daddy's Girl." That pop socket attached to the back of her phone has the logo of Khloé's denim brand Good American emblazoned across it, and even if you can't identify them, Kylie is undoubtedly wearing products from her own cosmetics collection. Now one of these siblings just needs to go into the lingerie business and there will be nothing they can't monetize.

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