Kylie Jenner's Wig Closet Is the Technicolor Hair Rainbow You Always Knew It Would Be

The reality star shared a few of her favorite faux hair looks on Snapchat


For most women, changing up your hair is a very big deal. A severe alteration to your appearance that can be on par with going from wearing flats all day to never setting foot outside in anything but heels, or throwing out your entire wardrobe and starting all over again from scratch. That is unless you’re Kylie Jenner who is in command of an unparalleled nonchalance when it comes to her follicle styling, sharing a Snapchat of the closet in which she keeps roughly 20 of her favorite wig looks from this past year alone.

On Tuesday, Kylie took to Snapchat, as is her wont — sharing various aspects of her life, but mostly mugging for the camera, slow-panning her own outfit, and showing off swatches from her latest cosmetics collection. However, the Lip Kit queen did take a brief break from her usual social media rounds to show us a corner of her glam room we’ve never been permitted to see before – her wig closet. And of course, the land of fake hair is every bit of the technicolor luxury we always knew it would be.

As people who have spent a fair amount of time chronicling the saga of the youngest Jenner’s ever-changing hair color, however, we feel it’s our honor-bound duty to point out that this Snapchat really only features a meager handful of the bountiful rainbow of colors King Kylie has worn (albeit some of the most memorable). Surely, this is just a Snap of wig closet No. 1 and she simply got too distracted by one of her growing pack of cute, tiny dogs or the sudden urge to lip-sync to a rap lyric and forgot to share the rest with us. Call us Kylie wig truthers, but until the reality star finally socials wig closets No. 2 through No. 8, we’ll be here waiting, speaking truth to Snaps.

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