You've got to see it to believe it

By Alex Apatoff
Updated August 14, 2015 06:00 PM

Kris Jenner wearing her daughters’ clothes is nothing new (the woman can’t resist a Fashion Faceoff). But Kris Jenner’s daughters wearing her clothes? Well, that’s a whole different story. Especially when the daughter in question is the newly-18-year-old Kylie Jenner, who was spotted in her mom’s neon one piece from way back in the ’80s. (We guess when you have closets as big as the Jenners do, you never have to throw anything away).

Brian Prahl/Splash News Online

Kylie Jenner, who is currently on a romantic, cornrowed getaway with her boyfriend Tyga, was snapped wearing a high-cut neon tank suit emblazoned with BODY GLOVE in equally Day Glo lettering. And if you’re thinking, “Wait a minute. That suit would look perfectly in place on an ’80s video girl!” — well, you’re not that far off. Because Kris Jenner revealed that it came straight out of her own collection from that glorious decade of neon and excess.

“Ohhhhhhh so THIS is where my vintage Body Glove bathing suit went!!!! @kyliejenner you are grounded! Wait, I can’t do that anymore you’re 18….#whoworeitbetter #80’s #whoknewyouwouldlikemyoldstuff #recycle #love #mexico #alcapulco1989” the momager wrote on her Instagram snap, showing the two of them side-by-side in the same killer suit. And yes, don’t think we haven’t noticed that the swimsuit is nearly a decade older than Kylie is.

We hope this sparks a whole resurgence of Kris’s daughters shopping their mom’s closet for some amazingly retro stuff. First on our wish list: Everything Kris is wearing in her “I Love My Friends” music video.

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— Alex Apatoff