The flaxen haired reality star is already ready to return to her roots

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated November 08, 2016 09:39 AM
Credit: Source: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Kylie Jenner is the queen of the quick hair change. The 18-year-old regularly cycles through every color of the rainbow, often over the course of a single weekend (hello, Coachella), thanks to a very large closet full of technicolor wigs and her extension expert Tokyo Stylez. But back in early September, just in time for the non-stop whirlwind of New York Fashion Week, the reality star finally committed to a single shade, bleaching her real hair to a crisp white blonde. But as we all really should have foreseen, two short months later, Kylie’s already over the upkeep and ready to go back to her natural hue.

After making the major announcement that she will be launching brick and mortar Kylie Cosmetics stores in the very near future, the teen made yet another life-altering revelation on her Instagram account on Monday evening—she wants to be a brunette again. Posting an older photo of herself where she appears to be plugging some beauty product while wearing a black sports bra and sweatpants clearly emblazoned with the Puma logo (a two-for-one spokesperson plug), Kylie wrote, “I miss my dark hair ?,” asking her fans, “should I go back?”

But the cosmetics entrepreneur didn’t simply articulate her desire to switch up her beauty look, she also engaged in some light trolling of her followers, posting another throwback shot of herself with her tried-and-true dark, waist-length extensions right after asking followers what she should do.

This is a classic KarJenner family move, posting an older photo of themselves with a different hair cut or color in order to gage their fans reactions. But considering when it come to her personal aesthetic, Kylie’s always done exactly as she pleases, we have a feeling the reality star will be back to her chestnut roots in no time flat, or at least a very realistic brunette wig. As the old saying goes, the Calabasas grass is always greener in front of your flaxen haired neighbor’s mansion.

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