Kylie Jenner Might Be Watching Your YouTube Videos, and More Things We Learned About the Star

The star opens up about her company, her ambitions, and who's in her group chats

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

What does Kylie Jenner do all day? Who does she text? How did she find success? These are all questions that have mostly crossed your mind while watching her play with her herd of puppies and pose in extravagant floor-length mirrors on Snapchat. Well, you can wonder no longer, because thanks to a recent interview with Violet Grey, the 19-year-old is giving us a look into her oh-so-mysterious life — and it’s busier than we expected. Here’s what we learned.

1. Your Kylie Cosmetics product reviews on YouTube are not going unnoticed.
Feeling like your Lip Kit musings are going into the void? Well, she just might have seen them – and taken them to heart. “When I’m interested I’ll go on YouTube and see what people are saying about Kylie Cosmetics, just to learn how I can improve.”

2. She works on her Kylie Cosmetics business every day.
It may seem as if the star spends her days trying on clothes and spending QT with the aforementioned puppies, but she reveals that she’s always hard at work on her growing empire. “I have a daily makeup meeting with my Kylie Cosmetics team,” she shares.

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3. And she has no plans to leave the company.
“I couldn’t imagine anyone else taking over Kylie Cosmetics,” she says (and who can blame her – it would be hard to imagine this much hysteria for anyone else).

4. Scott Disick is still included in the family’s group texts.
As one would imagine, the KarJenner krew has not one but multiple group chats, one of which includes Kourtney’s ex boyfriend, Scott Disick. “The main one is with my three older sisters, Kendall, and my mom,” she says of their chats. “Then we have one with that group plus Scott, then we have a separate one with that group plus Rob.”

5. And last but definitely not least, Kris Jenner’s recipe for her daughters’ success is simple.
“It’s about hope, and dreaming really big. And wanting the best for ourselves. And not stopping,” the momager said.

For Jenner’s full interview, head to Violet Grey. And tell us: What do you want to know about the star?

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