The beauty mogul brought Christmas in July to some lucky fans


Kylie Cosmetics fans, don’t be alarmed if you hear an unexpected knock at your door — it might be King Kylie herself!

Shortly after announcing the launch of her new “Kyshadow” eyeshadow palettes on Monday, the 18-year-old makeup maven hit the streets of Los Angeles to deliver her Bronze Palette to unsuspecting Kylie Lip Kit fans. And in true Kylie form, she documented the entire excursion on Snapchat.

After visiting the first excited fan at home, Jenner made sure everybody was on the same page.

“So, if you guys don’t know what we’re doing, I did some research of some of the biggest Kylie Cosmetics supporters in L.A. and I’m going around and hand-delivering my eyeshadow palettes before they come out,” she explained in a series of Snapchat videos.

The star continued delivering her Kyshadow palettes to diehard fans at their homes and workplaces (there were tears!), and even handed out a few gifts to some slightly less enthusiastic girls in a parking lot.

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After her Oprah-esque gifting spree was over, Jenner wrapped up her exciting day with a “thank you” to her fans and a tease of more upcoming “#summersurprises.”

“I’m so glad you guys love my eyeshadow palette,” she said. “It was really important for me to release the Bronze Palette first, and I’m currently working on my fourth palette so I’m really excited for you guys to see those.”

What do you think of Kylie’s new eyeshadow palette? Will you be expanding your Kylie Cosmetics collection? Let us know in the comments!

— Andrea Park