Kylie Jenner Trolls Her Sisters Kendall and Kim Kardashian with Her Fashion

The teen proved she has a sense of humor when it comes to her everyday ensembles

Photo: Kim Kardashian/SnapChat

Trolling has now become a full-blown national epidemic. For those who don’t live their lives slogging through the darker side of the internet or have simply been blessed enough to not have heard the term, trolling is the act of provoking people intentionally in order to upset or shock them just because you can. And now the act has made the jump from the darkest depths of Reddit to the Hollywood hills, as Kylie Jenner just expertly trolled her sisters via a simple sartorial choice.

On Tuesday, Kim Kardashian snapchatted her sisters Khloé and Kourtney hanging out in her Calabasas kitchen, panning from her youngest to her oldest sister both clad in similar track suits and saying, “I don’t know what’s more in your face. All burgundy at once, or two people in all burgundy at once.”

But, of course, Snapchat queen Kylie was watching everything her siblings were up to from afar and decided to push her older sister’s buttons even more, arriving in a full crimson ensemble of her very own:

In the snapchat, Kim laughs at Kylie’s arrival, saying, “but what’s even more annoying is three people in burgundy. I feel so left out!” She then posted a picture of her twinning sisters asking fans “Family Christmas card inspo???”

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And that wasn’t even Kylie’s first fashion troll of the day.

Earlier, she also posted an image from her latest risqué photo shoot with her longtime collaborator Sasha Samsonova. In the photo, the reality star poses with her arms up over her head wearing a transparent, black lace body stocking with nothing underneath. In other words, while her sister Kendall and BFF Bella are gallivanting around Paris in a vast array of totally see-through tops, the Lip Kit CEO is back at home, showing the two supermodels how the sheer bodysuit trend is really done by an old pro.

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