Kylie Jenner Embraces Her Freckles in Rare Makeup-Free Photo

Looks like Kylie's wearing less makeup now that she turned 19

kylie jenner - style
Photo: Source: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Kylie Jenner has spent the past few years morphing into a makeup mogul — and she definitely practices what she preaches. But her flawless, airbrushed skin isn’t only born from her love of contouring. She’s actually constantly hiding her freckles, a skill that she’s perfected so well that it’s easy to forget that she has any at all.

“When everyone’s drawing on freckles and you’re always covering yours,” she captioned a very rare bare-faced Snapchat photo a few months back, expressing her own self-consciousness.

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Now that Jenner has transformed into an older, wiser, and more mature 19-year-old, she’s finally embracing her freckled face and chest. The star proved her newfound confidence while wrapping up her tropical Turks and Caicos birthday vacation with a freckle-flaunting, makeup-free selfie — a look that she seems to slowly be getting used to.

Just last month, the star covered Allure‘s August issue, leaving a few spots exposed on her forehead. And before that, she graced Glamour UK‘s cover with a fresh face, freckles and all. But now, she’s giving her loyal Instagram army a close up look — proving that with age comes even more beauty.

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