Kylie Jenner channelled her "inner space cowgirl" on Friday night, dressing in a head-to-toe platinum costume to celebrate the 24th birthday of friends Sama and Haya Khandra (a.k.a. Simi and Haze)

By Dave Quinn
April 08, 2017 04:16 PM
Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Call her “Kylie the Kowgirl.”

Kylie Jenner channelled her “inner space cowgirl” on Friday night, dressing in a head-to-toe platinum costume to celebrate the birthdays of two of her closest friends.

Though she’s been laying low since her most recent off-again break with Tyga, the 19-year-old cosmetic maven shared shots of her head-turning look to Instagram on Saturday, showing that she kicked off the weekend in style.

Wearing a satin silver halter crop top and matching pants, with sequin bandana and a matching hat, Jenner had the theme of the party — “Galactic Rodeo” — down pat.

The bash was being held in honor of Dubai-born identical twins and DJs Sama and Haya Khandra (a.k.a. Simi and Haze) — who turned 24 on March 31.

“My inner space cowgirl came alive last night,” Kylie captioned an Instagram video of herself, showing off her outfit.

She labelled one post simply “Kowgirl” — while another showed her eating tacos at the party. “Always bring your own tacos,” she said.

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Missing from Jenner’s look? Her waist-length Cher hair, which she had debuted on Snapchat on Wednesday.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star experimented with almost every hair color and style imaginable, from pastel pink wigs to short turquoise bobs. She had added in some ultra-long extensions to join in on the pin straight ’70s-inspired Cher hair trend all the stars have been loving lately — but appears to have pulled out her trusty old shot blonde wig for Friday’s event.

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