Find out how to recreate her silvery blonde look

Thanks to her massive assortment of bold, colorful wigs, Kylie Jenner has tried every hair color imaginable. But this week, the star went for a real deal color change, bleaching her natural brunette strands a bright platinum shade. And for the first time, the colorist behind her new hue is speaking out.

“We’d been talking about doing a color change for a while,” Jenner’s colorist Priscilla Valles tells PeopleStyle exclusively about the new hue, which wasn’t necessarily inspired by anything other than Kylie’s desire for lighter strands. “A week before, we made a solid plan to really do it. We knew she was going to go blonde.”

But how blonde was the question. Valles says that the silvery platinum shade, which took over 12 hours to achieve, wasn’t what the two were originally going for.

“We actually were gonna go honey blonde,” she explains. “We were just making the decision as it was going along and it just worked out perfectly. Once we got pretty light we were like, ‘Well, should we keep going or should we stop here?’ And we just kind of slept on it and the next day we went lighter.”

And Jenner was on board with the change of plan. The 18-year-old told PeopleStyle of her look, “I actually didn’t mean to go platinum. I really wanted a nice, honey dirty blonde and when we started bleaching it, it got so light so fast and I was like ‘Wow, my hair is not damaged, I can do this.’ So I went for it. ”

The process, however, wasn’t easy. Valles says, “I kept slowly watching [the color] go lighter. We rinsed it out and reapplied, and put treatments in between. It was really done so long and so slow. To go from that dark to that light in one day is really hard to do. It’s about taking your time and treating your hair throughout the process.”

As for how long she’ll hang onto the shade, Valles isn’t sure — but she’s committed to keeping Jenner’s strands healthy in the meantime. “I gave her Olaplex treatment that we’re going to be doing once a week just to keep it healthy. I mean from going the level that it went, it was super soft and healthy,” she says. “With styling it all the time it can dry it out, so we’re going to keep treating it.”

And if you want to recreate Kylie’s silvery hue, Valles’ secret was a “silvery violet platinum toner with a lot of clear in it” to finish the look, which she thinks will definitely be a trend among her fans. “She’s such a beauty trend-setter,” Valles shares. “She’s such a unicorn too. Whatever color we do on her, it always looks good. She can pull anything off.”

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