Kylie Jenner Cooks Lasagna in Nude Underwear

The reality star showed off her new matching set on Snapchat

kylie jenner nude underwear
Photo: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Kyle Jenner didn’t just become the queen of Snapchat overnight. There’s always been an unofficial trend to the teen’s social media posts that overtime has codified itself into a tried and true formula for success. A formula that predominately consists of lip-syncing to rap lyrics while pouting at the camera, slow panning her own physique while wearing some type of minimal attire and showing off her culinary skills, but mostly her unparalleled love of pomegranate seeds. Being the busy lip kit CEO that she is, however, sometimes a girl just doesn’t have time to get all her snaps in, so Kylie ingeniously came up with the solution of combining two of her favorite pastimes, posing in a nude bra and underwear set while cooking up a feast.

After all, what ensemble could be more appropriate for whipping up a late night lasagna with your friend than a nude sports bra and pair of underwear peeking out of the top of your baggy, white sweatpants? The evening of Snapchatting started off in its usual fashion with Kylie doing a little promotion for her boyfriend and rapping along to Chris Brown and Tyga’s song “Bunkin’.”

She then went on to post a video of her standing in the midst of her own closet wearing only the bra and underwear in question, naturally, rapidly zooming in on her body to a driving techno beat and struggling with finding the optimal hand placement:

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But when it comes to actually getting into the kitchen, King Kylie is all about safety first, donning some white sweatpants, though clearly she’s not afraid of a little red sauce stain.

The reality star then began the process of documenting the creation of her dinner, a process that largely consisted of her posing in various places around her kitchen with her sweatpants pulled halfway down her backside.

In fact, given how little we see of the actual production of making this meal and Kylie’s proven love of documenting every waking moment of her life, it seems more likely the noodle dish was just a pretense for an impromptu photo shoot.

You’ve got to admit a flesh-tone bikini really pops next to a room full of white walls and marble.

Besides everyone knows the best way to while away an interminable bake time is by turning your PJs into a major fashion moment.

What do you think of Kylie’s lasagna cooking outfit? Sound off below!

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