Kylie Jenner Is on a Mission to 'Up Her Fashion Game,' Thanks to Her New Stylist Jill Jacobs

Meet the new stylist behind Jenner's looks

Kylie Jenner is seen shopping at the Meat Packing District out in New York City.

Loving Kylie Jenner‘s looks lately? The star has been trying to expand her fashion game, and she’s throwing all of the credit to the newest stylist in the KarJenner circle of experts — Jill Jacobs. For years, celebrity stylist/Kardashian BFF Monica Rose has been responsible for dressing the KarJenner Krew, from Kylie to Khloé. But now, Rose’s former assistant seems to have taken over Kylie’s closet, dressing her for everything from New York Fashion Week to her Christina Aguilera Halloween costume to her 2017 Terry Richardson calendar. And now, she’s explaining exactly what it’s like to work with the 19-year-old budding fashion icon.

“I’ve really upped my style game over the past few months,” Jenner wrote in a post on her website. “That’s thanks to Jill Jacobs! I feel like she’s really amped up my look and I get SO excited when we do fittings. She always pulls the coolest stuff.”

Jacobs has known Jenner for years, since her days as an assistant to Rose — so she’s well-versed in the “always effortless” vibe that the youngest KarJenner sister strives for. And now, she’s helping to take her style one step further — starting with the crystal-encrusted Yousef Aljasmi dress and denim jacket ensemble (above) that she sported at NYFW.

“A lot of times people show me ultra-sexy, barely-there options thinking it’s Kylie’s vibe. What they don’t realize is it’s Kylie that is making what she wears sexy; it’s not just the clothes. I’ve never seen anyone look as dope and effortlessly sexy in a simple dress and sneakers—or sweats, for that matter—as she does.”

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Another stand-out look Jacobs created was Jenner’s green Roberto Cavalli corset number, which she layered over a plain white T-shirt and paired with thigh-high green suede boots.

“She might text me images of things she thinks are cool as a sense of inspo and I run with it,” Jacobs says of their method of planning Jenner’s looks. “If something really stands out to me, I’ll grab it too. She has a great sense of style, so I love bringing fresh options to the table for us to work with.”

Of course, Jenner isn’t always decked out in dresses and heels. Jacobs also styles the star in casual outfits like sweatpants and sneakers, which she says is one of her favorite aspects of her job.

“The best part is the endless range of styles. Some days I’m pulling sweats, some days gowns. It keeps my job interesting,” Jacobs explains.

And there’s a lot more where these looks came from. The stylist adds that she’s got a lot in store for 2017 — so we’ll have to wait and see.

What’s your favorite recent look of Jenner’s? Tell us below.

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