The star revealed new shades Wednesday

By Jillian Ruffo
August 25, 2016 08:27 AM
Source: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Having a great week? This will make it even better. Having a crappy week? Surely this will cheer you up. Kylie Jenner is dropping big news left and right all over her Snapchat, first revealing three new lip kit shades, and then informing the universe that she gave her diamond ring its first bath.

Jenner announced Wednesday that she’ll be adding three new shades to her lip kit collection: Brown Sugar (a sandy brown shade which is much paler than True Brown K), Love Bite (a deep brownish purple) and Dirty Peach (a rusty dark apricot).

To model her new shades, the star went far beyond just posting photos of herself wearing them. She enlisted her friends — Jordyn Woods, Justine Skye and Stassie — to pose wearing each color in what seems to be minimal clothing.

After her big announcement, the star also shared that she had her huge diamond ring — a gift from boyfriend Tyga that she sometimes wears on her left ring finger but is not her engagement ring so don’t get it twisted — cleaned for the very first time.

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“So, I got my ring cleaned for the first time since I actually got it, and that s–t must have been dirty as f–k because I forgot how sparkly,” she said in the video, in which she shared a rare up-close video of the sparkler, giving us a good long look at it while refusing to confirm whether it means anything.

Want to get your hands on her new shades? All three will be on sale Friday on If you want that ring…you’re on your own.

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