Kylie Jenner's Fans Worry that Her Super-Long Nails Aren't Practical For Diaper Changes

Is her manicure infringing on her diaper-changing skills?

Kylie Jenner may have shared a nearly-nude look at her post-baby body on Thursday, but what the internet is really obsessing over is how she manages to change her daughter Stormi’s diapers with such. Long. Nails.

The new mom, who gave birth to Stormi Webster, her daughter with Travis Scott, last month, shared her thong-clad, one month post-baby body with her Snapchat and Instagram followers, flaunting a flat stomach and long black hair. Then, to follow her moment of body celebration, she revealed two new photos of herself holding Stormi.

And all cuteness aside, the beauty mogul of the KarJenner family is here to prove that despite the challenges of motherhood (feeding, diaper changes, etc.), not even her first born will come between her and her beauty routine. Jenner showed off waist-length hair and an extra-long peach manicure in the photos, which of course has her fans noting these may not be the most practical beauty choices for the new mom.

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Twitter user @sweetsavannahle wrote, “How the eff does @KylieJenner wear such long nails with a newborn? I can’t even go long without scratching my own face.”

Another fan has some concerns about Kylie’s ability to perform a thorough diaper change with her acrylics.

Yet another user expressed worry that Kylie’s not responsible for bathing her child either.

And user @pavloviii thinks she’s just not parenting whatsoever.

Meanwhile, others want to know how she’s finding time for it all:

But long nails and all, Jenner is said to be a great mom, according to a source. “With the support and abilities she has to hire nannies and assistants, she’s been a really, really great mom,” a source says tells People.

Adds the insider, “She’s incredibly doting and hands-on as a mom. She’s always been very maternal.”

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