Kylie Jenner's 4-Step Formula for the Perfect #OOTD Mirror Selfie

Follow these rules for your own Jenner-approved snapshot

Photo: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

It’s no secret Kylie Jenner is a fan of the camera. One scroll through the 18-year-old’s Instagram account (and Snapchat channel) and you’ll find more selfies of Kylie’s pouty lip pose than you ever deemed imaginable.

But when she’s not puckering up, she’s most likely to be found showing off her many #OOTDs (or sharing Ramen recipes Snapchat!) . And because we’ve been tracking her looks since she took over the Internet (sorry, Kim), we’ve discovered the official four-step formula the beauty mogul (her birthday bundles beat the record for fastest checkouts online for flash sales) follows before she shares her daily #OOTDs with 70 million Instagram fans. Below, her steps for social media domination.

Location: Pick the same spot every day so it feels familiar to fans.
For all of Kylie’s wardrobe snaps, she heads to the same place in her house, which appears to a small nook near the living room across from the staircase.

Even in her most recent snap (from Thursday), the reality TV star graced the same spot to show off her “woutfit,” an all-white outfit for the uninitiated, by complete with an ultra-plunging wrap dress from Meshki and strappy Monika Chiang caged heels.

Lighting: Golden hour is your new BFF.
To get the most of our your selfie sesh, make sure you’re snapping away at the time of day when natural sunlight is most beneficial to you and your camera. Our recommendation? Schedule a solo shoot at the magic hour (the hour before sunset), which is when you’ll experience a few minutes of gorgeous red light right before the sun sets.

You’ll notice that in most of Kylie’s photos, there’s some beam of sunlight piercing through the shot. (Her go-to photographer shared the same advice!)

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Exposure: Not the camera kind
In case you haven’t noticed, Kylie likes to expose bare skin in her shots. Whether it’s via a low-cut neckline or a thigh-high slit, she’s not afraid to reveal a little (or a lot) for the camera.

This might not be a step we’re 100 percent committed to (or agree with), but based on these pictures, it’s definitely a rule the star has followed

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Position: Your poses matter.
We’ve already dekoded Instagram poses created by the KarJenner krew, but in case you needed more scoop behind Kylie’s social media poses, like why she awkwardly sits on the floor, or why she always looks down at her feet, it’s because … she’s an artist. She’s just tapping into her creative side. Duh.

Have you ever wore an all-white look, like Kylie’s? Share below!

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