Why Are Kylie Jenner's Makeup Brushes Getting Slammed by Jeffree Star and Her Fans?

See what Jeffree Star has to say

Kylie Jenner isn’t having the best week.

On the same day that she announced that her factory had been shut down due to the Southern California wild fires, the 20-year-old beauty mogul receieved backlash from fans, along with outspoken beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star, about the high price point of her latest launch, a collection of makeup brushes.

Starr, who hasn’t been shy about criticizing the mom-to-be’s Kylie Cosmetics products on Twitter in the past, turned to the social media site to share his frustrations about the $360 price of Jenner’s brush collection.

Starr wrote, “Are the new @kyliecosmetics makeup brushes made out of animal hair? Is that why they’re so expensive?? BITCH I’M STILL DUMBFOUNDED!!!!”

The 16 silver and white brushes, which are part of her holiday collection that launches December 13, will be sold individually prices ranging from $18 (for a small smudge brush) to $48 (for a large powder brush), or as part as a $360 set.

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But considering the brushes include synthetic fibers, which tend to be less expensive, beauty junkies like Star are alarmed by the price point.

And Star isn’t the only one who’s unhappy. Fans spoke out about the prices on Twitter as well.

However, Star added that he still plans on buying — and reviewing — the brushes.

“It’s an honest question,” he added in another Tweet. “Don’t try and make it ANYTHING BUT a QUESTION. I’ll still review it… LOL I ain’t mad.. Just want to know why her team is being lazy.”

Starr also shared that he feels Jenner’s concealer packaging, which is clear and silver, is similar to his lip products’ pink packaging, in a since-deleted Tweet that wrote, “I gotta know ONE THING. … With all that f–king money she’s made, why did @kyliecosmetics use the SAME PACKAGING as my liquid lipsticks that have been out since 2014??? Invest and make something different maybe?”

And while the tweet was taken down, one fan responded playing devil’s advocate: “To be fair a lot of companies use that packaging… can we talk about the horrendous brushes tho?”

Earlier this week, Jenner released a statement announcing that her cosmetics factory had been affected by the California fires. The star told fans that her employees’ safety is her priority, but that their orders would still be shipped as soon as possible.

What do you think of the price of Jenner’s brushes? Sound off below.

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