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By Jillian Ruffo
Updated June 15, 2017 06:33 PM

UPDATED June 15, 2017: Get your credit cards ready, because Kylie is releasing her brand new Vacation collection at 3 PM PST on, and you’re in for a major treat: it just might be her best launch to date. The star shared snaps of the products on social media, revealing a brand new range of cosmetics from highlighters to a bright purple matte liquid lipstick, a bright eye shadow palette and more, saying that she thinks this collection is her favorite yet. And always, Jenner got creative with x-rated names for the products, like “Skinny Dip”, “Send Me More Nudes” and more. The star is selling the entire collection (17 pieces) for $250, or you can purchase products individually from $14 (for a single highlighter) to $62 (for a highlighter quad).

UPDATED June 1, 2017: We have good news (and great!) news: The good? The latest Koko Kollection from Kylie Cosmetics is finally here. The great: You can still get your hands on all five of the sisters’ new launches for $75.

Jenner released her new range of products, which she collaborated on with sister Khloé, on Wednesday. And although her products have a solid track record of selling out almost immediately, she seems to have stocked her site with enough products for everyone to get their hands on them.


Excited? So is Khloé, who wore the coral shade “Baby Girl” (and little else) for the occasion.

The collection, which includes a matte orange-red, a pinky coral and mauve, along with a glossy nude shade, is sold in a set of four for $40, or in a bundle that also includes the new highlighter, blush and bronzer palette for $75.

Oh, and here’s a photo of Kris wearing the collection:

UPDATED May 26, 2017: Last month Kylie Cosmetics debuted a collaboration with Kim Kardashian West with a line of four nude lip kits called “KKW x KYLIE,” and now, Kylie’s expanding her makeup empire with some help from her other glam sister, Khloé Kardashian!

Kylie wrote on Instagram that her first Koko Kollection 4-piece was her “favorite project” she’s done so far, and now she’s taking the natural step to expand the line. “I’ve had so many requests to come back for round 2 … and it’s been so much fun creating these new additions to the Koko Kollection fam! We make magic, @khloekardashian!”

The two sisters posed for a photo shoot modeling the Doll Matte lip shade, with Khloé wearing a white bodysuit and Kylie in a white crop top and briefs.

The updated line will include a face duo palette and a new four-piece lip kit featuring “Doll” (a bright red shade), “Sugar Plum” (a shimmery nude), “Bunny” (a pretty mauve) and “Baby Girl” (a light coral color). It all launches on May 31 at 3 p.m. PST so mark your calendars now!

UPDATED March 21, 2017: Spring has sprung — and with the new season comes new Kylie Cosmetics news: a range of matte, pressed powder blushes to give your cheeks a pop of color this season. The star announced Monday night that — surprise! — she has five new shades of blush on the horizon, and you can get your hands on them as early as Friday, March 24, at 3pm on

And in true Kylie fashion, the shades — which range from peach to fuchsia — have clever names. You can choose from “X Rated” (bright peach), “Barely Legal” (bubblegum pink), “Virginity” (bright fuchsia), “Hot and Bothered” (reddish-orange), or “Hopeless Romantic” (bold red).

So if highlighters aren’t quite your thing, you can now add some color to your complexion with her latest endeavor.

Kylie Lip Kit Update

UPDATE March 17, 2017: As if launching an entire new collection of lip kits — Velvets — wasn’t enough for us to handle, Kylie Jenner is giving away shades on her website today. Yes, you read that correctly.

Not long after releasing her new velvet lip kits, which come in four shades ranging from a pale, grayish pink to an orangey brown, Jenner launched a St. Patrick’s Day “promo” section on her website. But she’s not just offering a discount. Instead, she’s offering free products — and all you need to do to get them is spend some cash.

According to the instructions on the site, “Customers can choose free Gloss and/or Metal based on spend. Customers can choose from King K, Reign, Heir, Like, Literally and So Cute only while supplies last.”

What do you need to spend? It’s simple. $25 gets you one gloss or metal, $50: two free products, $75: three products, $100: four products, $125: five products, and $150 will get you a whopping six free products.

So if you never imagined a future filled with all of the lip kits you’ve ever wanted, consider your life changed.

UPDATE February 22, 2017: First unleashed new “Thick” sweatpants, then graced N.Y.C. with it’s very own pop-up store, and now, as if February couldn’t get any better, Kylie Jenner is adding a new category to her growing beauty empire: highlighters, otherwise known as Kylighters.

The star announced her new venture on Snapchat Wednesday, revealing that the collection will contain six super shimmery shades: Banana Split (” a very yellow fun true gold”), French Vanilla (“icy with a hint of gold”), Cotton Candy Cream (Kylie’s favorite), Salted Caramel (Kylie’s “baby” and other favorite), Strawberry Shortcake (a pink shade) and Chocolate Cherry (a “beauty”).

Jenner’s new products, or her “babies” as she calls them, will launch on her site on February 28th at 3 pm PST. You know the drill.

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UPDATE January 25, 2017: Would it be a real holiday without a new Kylie lip kit shade tailored to the occasion? The answer is no. Which is why the philanthropic beauty mogul just announced that she’ll be launching a new Valentine’s Day collection — and it might just be the best one yet.

The star wrote on Snapchat, “My favorite collection I’ve done so far launching FEB. 2nd! 3pm pst! Ahh! How did it get here so fast?!” The range includes a six-pack of mini liquid matte shades with new shades like “Apricot”, “High Maintenance” and “Head Over Heels,” plus “Valentine,” a new shade. She’s also launching a palette called “Kylie’s Diary”, which includes two blushes (a first for her brand) and a variety of eye shadows, and three Valentine’s kits, which each include two exclusive eye shadows and two lip products.

So get ready to head to on February 2nd — your valentine will thank you.

UPDATE: Thurs, May 26: Kylie just re-stocked her products! Sadly, her newest black shade, Majesty, doesn’t seem to be available yet — but you can grab all of her other metallics.

UPDATE: Wed, May 25: So, about that rumor that’s been circulating about Kylie’s lip kits being almost exactly the same as Colourpop‘s Ultra Matte lip shades: It’s true. According to Refinery 29, Laura and John Nelson (a.k.a. the founders of Colourpop) have confirmed that both Kylie’s products and Colourpop’s are not only produced alongside each other by Spatz Labs, but they also under the parent company Seed Beauty — both of which the Nelsons happen to own.

“Kylie and her family have been friends [of ours] for years,” Laura tells Refinery 29. “It’s a good fit and a good partnership… We’re happy to support that business and partner with her to really bring her vision to life in an organic and authentic way.”

And if your next move is to run to Colourpop’s site to buy every shade (which sell for just $5 each), we don’t blame you — but Nelson insists that the formulas are in fact different. “Everyone is coming up with their own formulas and their own exclusive products,” he says.

So, there you have it. Read more about Colourpop here.

UPDATE: TUES, May 24: There’s a new vampy lip kit coming your way! Kylie just announced a brand new black metallic shade called Majesty, which she’ll be re-stocking soon.

UPDATE: Tues, April 12: If by some miracle you were able to make it past the spinning wheel of doom and successfully purchase a lip kit yesterday, congratulations. But beware: It was all fun and games until Jenner’s site had a security breach and everyone’s personal information was apparently shared with other buyers. Apparently, customers were surprised to find random names and addresses of other customers on their own checkout page, leading to a not-so-safe output of information.

But don’t worry — Kylie is indeed aware of the issue, and is working to fix it.

UPDATE Mon, April 11: Kylie Jenner revealed major lip kit news over the weekend: she’s launching matte metallic shades, just in time for Coachella. But that’s not all. She’ll also be restocking all of her shades: Dolce K, Candy K, True Brown K, Koko K, Kourt K, Posie K, Mary Jo K and 22, along with her brand new glosses, Like, Literally and So Cute. She announced on her app that they’ll be available at 1 pm PST TODAY on, so get ready to hit the refresh button and score yourself a lip kit or two.

If there’s one thing Kylie Jenner is great at, it’s making sure the world is ready and waiting every time she re-stocks her coveted lip kits. What she isn’t great at? Making sure there’s enough to go around. Case in point: Monday night, when she broke the Internet in the 16 minutes that her products were available to the public.

The star took to Instagram, Twitter and her app to alert fans for the long-awaited re-stock of all of her shades (including the newest, Kourt K) on her website, and then turned to Snapchat for a 10-minute warning before the products were unleashed. But when the time finally came, technology wasn’t on her side.

“There’s 200,000 people on the site right now trying to buy lip kits so of course we’re having technical difficulties but we’re gonna be back really soon,” she announced while live Snapchating the entire sale.

But when it wasn’t fixed, the beauty mogul followed up with a plea to her fans, saying, “You guys, please don’t be mad at me. We’re trying to fix it.” Then the real mayhem started. “I broke Google!?” she screeches, before begging: “Can we fix it!?”

A voice in the background explains that it’s too late. “I got this email, it says you broke Google analytics, there’s 200,000 people on the site, and it’s just too much for Google.”

Don’t worry, Kylie feels your pain. “Nobody be mad or sad,” she says in an attempt to console her fans, adding, “I’m really really sorry if you didn’t get it, I wish I could be behind the computer doing all the technical s—, but I don’t know how. So I love you guys and we will be back almost every week like I keep promising.”

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However, with all of this terrible news, there’s a silver lining. If you’re one of the few lucky enough to successfully purchase a lip kit, your long-awaited lip products aren’t the only treat you’re about to receive — there’s a surprise, rather, a “suprise,” coming your way. Each box comes with a special personalized note from Jenner herself — so personal, in fact, that the star skipped spell check to show her true charm.

Still on your quest for a lip kit? Stay tuned — we’ll keep you posted when the next re-stock is happening, so you can take part in the pandemonium.

What do you think of Kylie’s products? Have you gotten your hands on any of them? Share below.

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