The reality star posted a poll to twitter asking mint or teal?

By Emily Kirkpatrick
March 02, 2016 02:00 PM

For most of us regular people, when a hair quandary arises, we turn to our closest posse of lady friends to draw upon their knowledgable advice and answer age-old beauty questions, such as blonde or brunette, long or short, and middle part or to the side? But when you’re Kylie Jenner and you’re faced with choosing what the latest technicolor hue to grace your head will be, where do you turn? Why to the Internet, of course.

Taylor Hill/Filmmagic

It all started when Kylie posted two side-by-side photos of herself, one with mint green hair and one with teal, asking fans which would be the best option for her next Sugar Factory event because she couldn’t decide.

The 18-year-old got so many responses from her 14.6 million followers she decided to make things official with a poll where over 149,000 people voted to help seal her follicle fate. Now if only that many people cared as much about voting for the next President.

Jenner then mused that it had been quite awhile since she last tried out teal. In fact, we would venture to say it’s been almost exactly a year since the teen last went with that exact shade of blue while out in Palm Springs for Coachella.

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But ultimately it seems like the reality star might just ignore her fans’ advice altogether. After the poll closed with teal as the decisive winner, an eager fan tweeted, “DID YOU DECIDE ON WHAT WIG YOURE GONNA WEAR YET” to which King Kylie nonchalantly responded, “Think I’m gonna do something new! 👑🐝 inspired”

While all of her fans are still frantically trying to decipher how that cryptic crown and bee emoji translates into an actual human hair color, we’re crossing our fingers for something Beyoncé-inspired.

Which color would you like to see Kylie in next, teal of mint? What color would you like to see her in that she hasn’t already tried yet?

–Emily Kirkpatrick