5 Style Moments That 'Need' to Be in Kylie Jenner's 'KUWTK' Spinoff, 'Life of Kylie'

Everything we hope to see in her new spinoff series

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There are a lot of KarJenner family members to keep up with on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we know. So if you’ve been clamoring for more time with 19-year-old Kylie Jenner, you’re in luck: the youngest member is getting her own KUWTK spinoff, Life of Kylie so you won’t miss a moment in the beauty mogul’s hectic life.

According to a press release, the eight-episode series will premiere this summer on E! and will document how Kylie “navigates her unique life as an entrepreneur, fashion designer, author, television star, style icon and CEO/Founder of Kylie Cosmetics.” But after carefully studying her Snapchat stories for years, we can already predict that half of the episodes will feature her lip syncing to rap music in front of a mirror or cooking in the kitchen surrounded by her loyal clique of friends. But we’re also hoping for a few fashion and beauty moments that would surely go down in reality TV history.

1. An entire episode documenting her glam routine.
Sorry to break it to you, but she does not just “wake up like this.” From what we can tell on social media, she’s always in full hair and makeup even when she’s just lounging around the house. So an investigative episode showing how it all comes together is vital. Although, since each episode is a mere 30 minutes, this might need to be a two-part special.

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2. An expansive closet tour.
Sure, we’ve seen her inside her insane shoe library (it beats any high-end department store in size and variety) and wig closet but we have a feeling there are still a few secret passageways in her style archives that have yet to be seen.

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3. An episode inside her Lip Kit factory.
Is it too much to hope for a I Love Lucy moment between Kylie and mom Kris Jenner testing out the latest launch for Kylie Cosmetics?

Source: Kylie Jenner/Instagram
Source: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

4. An in-depth explainer episode of how she creates her most iconic bikini-clad selfies.
She entertains us constantly with her bikini ‘grams, so she will most likely continue that skill on the new medium.

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

5. And finally, every episode should feature Kylie wearing a new hair color.

We don’t think this is too much to ask for seeing as she’s blown through 24 different colors at just 19 years old.

What do you hope to see on her new spinoff? Share in the comments below.

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