The 17-year-old star steps out in a unique outfit

By Brittany Talarico
Updated January 14, 2015 07:34 PM

First she posted a very-rare makeup-free selfie, and now Kylie Jenner is surprising us with another unexpected style move — her choice in slogan T-shirts.

The 17-year-old star stepped out earlier this week wearing a sleevless tee emblazoned with the catchphrase, “I’m Somebody’s Duff.”

Kim Kardashian style

Michael Simon/Startraks

And if you don’t have a teen sibling around to decode “duff” for you, it stands for, ‘Designated Ugly Fat Friend.’ There’s actually a whole movie based on the concept. (No Kylie doesn’t star in it, but catch the trailer below for a better idea.)

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Kylie (who is currently extension free!) is always switching up her look, and never leaves the house without some kind of planned ensemble (like the time she wore white stiletto boots and denim cutoffs to the supermarket.)

“I change my style maybe every month,” Kylie told PEOPLE in November. “I’m like punk one month, ghetto fab the next, classy the next. I’m just young and finding out who I am. I get bored, I like to change my hair and style.”

What do you think of her latest outfit? Share your thoughts below.

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–Brittany Talarico