May 18, 2016 02:45 PM

It’s a well-documented (read: overly documented) fact that Kylie Jenner has a serious love affair with makeup. From her eponymous cosmetics company to her penchant for constantly changing up her look, it appears the teen has never come across a lipstick shade she didn’t immediately want to swatch then Snapchat. But while many have assumed her interest in everything beauty stems naturally from having to wear the stuff all day every day, the reality star confessed on social media that her cosmetic-heavy aesthetic also has something to do with covering up one of her less preferred traits.

Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Snapchatting from the set of yet another photo shoot, King Kylie shared a string of videos of her face in its natural makeup-free state rolling her eyes and whispering about how bored she was waiting around for things to get going. But in one close-up shot of her face that clearly reveals her perpetually covered-up smattering of freckles across her cheeks, the teen made kind of a major confession writing, “when everyone’s drawing on freckles but ur always covering yours.”

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Many of us use makeup as a tool to eradicate our insecurities and present a fierce face unto the world, even when we might not actually be feeling quite so flawless, so it’s refreshing to see the teen queen of makeup be so honest about her own self-consciousness. But just because she may not be totally enamored with her own freckles, doesn’t mean Kylie doesn’t know how to embrace her au natural beauty.

Like that time she proved she was totally in on the joke, wearing a t-shirt featuring a rather unflattering meme of a close-up of her heavily made-up face while wearing no makeup:

Or when she totally embraced her baby hairs (something her sister Kim has admitted to having lasered off and later regretting) at the Oscars after party:

She started an anti-bullying social media campaign called #IAmMoreThan, inspiring all teens to embrace themselves exactly as they are:

Once again, she clearly has no problem laughing at the lengths she’s gone to achieve her own vision of facial perfection:

And, of course, that time she proved that while she does appreciate her freckles, that doesn’t mean she necessarily needs to flaunt them every single day:

Do you use makeup to overcome anything your self-conscious about? If you have them, how did you learn to love your freckles? 

–Emily Kirkpatrick

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