October 28, 2015 02:16 PM

When you’re
Kylie Jenner
, the hair and makeup possibilities are endless — and by that, we mean they literally vary on a daily basis: waist-length, pale green hair one day, and shoulder-length, raven-colored bangs the next.

But on Tuesday evening, Jenner ditched the wigs and the perfectly contoured face and shared a rare understated selfie rocking sweatpants, a cozy sweater and a fresh face. Her hair was back to its natural color and pulled back into a clean, simple up-do.

Courtesy Kylie Jenner

“No filter,” the 18-year-old reality star captioned the shot on Instagram.

Despite the low-key look, it’s no secret Jenner loves a good glam session (she even has a whole room dedicated to her beauty booty) and recently opened up about how switching up her hair all the time helps her feel good about herself.

“Constantly changing up my style makes me feel creative and it helps me with my confidence,” she wrote on her website last month. “If any of you are going through something in your life and you want a change, experiment with your hair — it’s so much fun and you’ll feel totally liberated. It just makes me feel so good about myself. In the end, always own your own style and your own judgment and people will support you.”

One thing the reality star also is always getting glam for is her super-sexy photo shoots. Most recently, Jenner shared a slew of shots on her website from the latest one, which was set in the desert and had Jenner wearing a cutout black bodysuit, fur boots, mesh tops, bustiers and more.

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–Aurelie Corinthios

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