The star shares photos of her shining new strands and even shinier time piece

By Jillian Ruffo
Updated September 19, 2016 10:29 AM

The newest blonde member of the KarJenner krew, Kylie Jenner, is quickly learning how much upkeep her strands require. The 18-year old star updated her bright platinum hue Sunday night, touching up her roots and bringing her strands bolder and brighter than the striking pale blonde shade with which she (accidentally) started her journey.

Jenner shared a photo of her look in the works on Snapchat, complete with her hair in the shampoo sink covered in purple shampoo (which helps keep the color from getting brassy). She then captured her freshly-washed strands being blown out, captioning the photo “silver blonde”.

And after her updated look was complete, she took the freshly blown-out style out for a spin, pairing the look with a black off-the-shoulder top and singing in the car (as any aficionado of her Snapchat can attest, this is a favorite activity).

But believe it or not, Jenner’s hair didn’t come close to being the shiniest thing in her possession Sunday night. After showing off her strands, Jenner flaunted a brand new watch on her wrist — and it happens to be the very same diamond-encrusted time piece she bought Tyga for Christmas.

Jenner snapped a video of her “New New” accessory glistening on her wrist, before sharing a shot of Tyga’s version, writing “Got that one for bae last Christmas… Now we matching.”

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