Kylie Jenner Admits She Uses Her Housekeeper's Arm as a Canvas for All Those Lip Kit Swatches on Snapchat

The reality star made a confession about what really goes into the making of those product reveals in a new interview with Fast Company

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While detractors of the Kardashian-Jenner family love to claim that these ladies are just famous for being famous, Kylie Jenner‘s multi-million dollar cosmetics empire begs to disagree. In just two short years, the youngest member of the family, has turned what was once her most infamous attribute into her biggest money-maker, launching an online beauty corporation with tons of instantly sold out products that seems to only be getting bigger by the day. And as she revealed in a new interview with Fast Company, her business’s model for success is no accident and is, of course, largely due to her social media prowess.

Anyone who’s familiar with the Kylie Cosmetics brand will instantly recognize those signature perfectly square swatches that she paints on her skin to show off the colors of her latest launch. But the beauty CEO has a confession to make about what really goes into creating those picture-perfect Snapchat moments. “Everyone knows when I’m releasing a product on Snapchat that I will be MIA for the next hour and a half,” she says, “I’m running around my house, finding the perfect lighting, the perfect swatches. My housekeeper, I use her arm for my Snapchats. She has the best arm for swatches. She’s so nice and just sits there and has her arm ready and lets me do my thing. I care a lot about what my products look like when people first see them.”

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But while many fans might feel betrayed to find out that the swatch-covered arm they’ve been coveting does not in fact belong to King Kylie, the teen CEO did say that the inspiration for her products does come from a very personal place.

When asked why she even went into makeup to begin with, Kylie explained, “I can’t leave the house without lipstick. Everyone was so interested in the color I was wearing. But nothing was ever perfect for me. I just thought, ‘Why not make my own lip kit with a liner and lipstick?'”

And the impetus behind all of her new beauty creations follows a very similar line of thought, as she says, “I’m always thinking about what I want, and what I think people want. For example, the smell of the lipsticks–I knew I wanted something sweet. I was in the lab, and they gave me 12 options, and I picked my favorite. Then we did the percentage: ‘Do you want 50% or 75% smell? Do you want it strong or weak?’ It took a long time. Then on Instagram, I’m on my Kylie Cosmetics [page] all day curating it. It has to be perfect.” Almost as perfect as those swatches she paints on her beyond patient housekeeper’s arm.

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