Every Cleavage-Baring Look Kylie Jenner Has Worn on Her Costa Rica Vacation

The reality star has been averaging three bikini outfit changes a day


While you gird yourself against the impending snow flurries headed our way, the Kardashian-Jenner family has already escaped to warmer climates, taking a much-needed respite from their perpetually documented high-profile lives in Calabasas to shoot the next installment of their reality show in Costa Rica. Or in other words, the perfect excuse for Kylie Jenner to entertain us with her never-ending collection of barely there bikinis.

The 19-year-old kicked off her tropical vacation in a black-and-red Louis Vuitton branded triangle bikini top and bottom paired with a black Vetements baseball hat that reads “Securite” and a thin gold criss-cross body chain, taking selfies all around her family’s island complex.


She then changed into a gold bikini top with yellow stitching, taking out her hair extensions and tying her short hair back into pigtail french braids for a helicopter ride around the island with her boyfriend Tyga, his son, and her sister Khloé.


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After that it was on to another simple bikini, this time in grey, paired with the same cross body gold chain for a quick semi-clothed photo shoot in their hotel’s hot tub.

After posing pressed against the pool tiles, it was then time for another quick change. This time a silver bikini top and bottom connected with a white mesh panel i.e. the perfect ensemble for a casual island stroll with your boyfriend in tow.


Then it was back to the same jungle-adjacent hot tub to squeeze in one more quick Instagram editorial.

And she didn’t miss an opportunity to plug her new line of Kylie Cosmetics merch either:


She posted a picture of the lip kit printed two-piece she planned to wear that day on Snapchat.


She then wrapped up her long weekend of swimsuit changes, donning a plain black bikini top and strappy bottoms with reflective green sunglasses, reinstating her extensions and pulling her hair into a slick-backed ponytail.


But sometimes even when you’re more or less already in just your underwear you still need that extra little dose of sex appeal, in which case simply do like Kylie mid glam sesh and yank one of your shoulder straps down and strike a pose for all of your adoring digital fans.


And of course every now and then an event crops up that requires a little more than just swimwear attire to attend, such as a formal dinner with your extended family. For that, the Lip Kit queen opted for a silver fringed jumpsuit featuring a whole lot of cleavage, spurring a number of fans to inquire whether or not it happens to be Kylie’s time of the month again.

What do you think of Kylie’s Costa Rica attire? Which bikini is your favorite? Sound off below!

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