The teen showed off the newest addition to her bodice collection in a sheer skirt on Snapchat

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated October 21, 2016 08:50 AM
Kylie Jenner corset
Credit: Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Most of us would consider corsets to be a turn of the century relic, something more befitting a Game of Thrones character than your average modern-day woman. But the Kardashian sisters are decidedly not average, and thus have developed an unparalleled appreciation of these waist-cinching accoutrements.

What started out so innocently as an interest in waist trainers has since developed into a full blown love affair with corsetry, most notably on the part of Kim Kardashia, who has championed bodices as an integral part of her everyday look. And now it appears Kylie has also caught the girdle bug, showing off her newest one with a fully sheer skirt on Snapchat.

While Kylie has always been a champion of waist trainers, including corsets into her daily apparel is a more recent development. The other day, she was spotted leaving a business meeting while wearing a green one lashed together with metal stays worn over her XXL white t-shirt. And now she’s added a new one into her rotation: a white bustier top that she clutched to her chest paired with a fully sheer skirt which she showed off on Snapchat.

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Though to the untrained eye, this might appear to in fact be the lining that you would wear underneath a couture dress, for Kylie, it was just the foundation for glossy lids, a white fur coat, and her Lip Kit iPhone case:

Since she snapchatted that her lipstick is the shade Mary Jo from her own line, perhaps this is all just a behind-the-scenes peek from a photo shoot for whatever cosmetics product she’s rolling out next — perhaps the shiny-eyelid product she’s sporting here?

But given we know how much the lip kit CEO loves a painting of her own visage and the renaissance origins of her new go-to corset accessory, we can’t help but feel like the teen is angling to become some artist’s next great muse. If there’s anyone with an enigmatic smile as famous as Mona Lisa’s, surely it’s Kylie.

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