Kylie Jenner hit up celebrity hot spot The Nice Guy in West Hollywood, California


Kylie Jenner
is on the natural wave, which means it’s completely acceptable to wear sneakers to the club — and spill all over yourself before you get there.

Kylie Jenner

SPW / Brian Prahl / Splash News

The 18-year-old reality star hit the town in another toned-down (ish) outfit with her friends Thursday night in Los Angeles, stopping by celeb hot spot The Nice Guy in West Hollywood, and of course, they documented much of the evening on Snapchat.

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As it happens, Jenner and her crew were in the car on their way over when she accidentally spilled Red Bull all over herself. There’s a Snapchat of the aftermath — it’s very dramatic — and Jenner can heard yelling at her pal driving, singer Harry Hudson, to pull over at CVS.

Then they made a quick pit stop at a public bathroom, where Jenner desperately tried to dry her tiny white crop top and leather J Brand leggings under the automatic hand dryer.

The end result? She threw on a red satin bomber jacket, and the night went on. Lesson learned: It’s chill to spill.

What do you think of Kylie’s latest look? Would you wear sneakers on a night out?

–Aurelie Corinthios