kylie jenner wears boody bra
Credit: Kylie Jenner/Instagram; Amazon

Kylie Jenner Wore the Exceptionally Comfy Cooling Bralette That Even Bra Haters Love

Emily Ratajkowski is also a fan
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There's no denying that many of our clothes and shoes probably got very little attention the past year. With people favoring comfort (looking at you, leggings and loungewear sets), tried-and-true staples like jeans, button-downs, and heels were put on the back burner. But if there's one item we'd have to crown the most neglected of 2020 — and arguably the beginning of 2021 — it would be a bra. 

If you're not ready to get back to your bra-wearing ways, we support that. But if you are looking for something that offers a little bit of support, Kylie Jenner just reminded us about the bralette that even bra haters say they love to wear.

Jenner wore the Amazon-favorite Boody Bra EcoWear Bralette on her Instagram Stories last week. If you're not familiar with this beloved undergarment, now's the time to check it out, because this latest celeb sighting is bound to make the bralette fly off the shelves.

Boody bra
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Boody Body EcoWear Bamboo Shaper Bralette in Nude 6, $16.95 (orig. $20);

The Boody bra, which has also earned a stamp of approval from editors and models like Emily Ratajkowski, is made from a super-soft bamboo. Aside from bamboo's sustainable (and buttery soft) nature, the material is also cooling, breathable, and great for sensitive skin. Sounds like the perfect summer bra, right? 

This bralette is also a standout because it has none of those ugh-inducing bra features that you know and hate. We're talking about uncomfortable clasps, underwires, hooks, or fasteners that poke, pinch, irritate, and cause unnecessary pain after hours-long wear.

"I hate bras. I've hated them since I wore my first one over 50 years ago," wrote one Amazon shopper about the Boody bra. "I have tried sports bras, wireless bras, lacy bralettes, and no bras. … [The Boody] bralette is awesome. From the moment I put it on, I knew I found my dream bra. Give it a try. You will be so glad you did."

Plenty of others self-proclaimed bra-haters left similar reviews, praising not only the Boody bra's comfort level, but also its sleek, chic, sustainable design. Sounds like the perfect bralette. Shop it below to experience next-level bra comfort for yourself.


Boody bra
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Boody Body EcoWear Bamboo Shaper Bralette in Black, $16.95 (orig. $20);