Kylie Jenner's Merch Store is Coming: Here's What We Know So Far

As the makeup mogul shares on Instagram, we'll soon get a peek into "what goes on in her mind" with this new venture

Photo: Kylie Jenner Shop/Instagram

UPDATE 11/29/16: And after the initial release of a handful of sheer lingerie-clad shots, those top-secret Kylie Shop details just keep on rolling in. It turns out Kylie is envisioning a mini Kimoji empire all her own, branching out into an eponymous line of merchandise imprinted with her own name and image for the first time. While the teen has designed clothing in collaboration with her sister Kendall in the past, the Kylie Shop marks her first foray into tour-style merch à la Yeezus, launching online the day after the opening of her brick and mortar cosmetics store, December 10.

Judging from the GIF the reality star posted to her Instagram account there will be a wide array of products available, including Lip Kit-branded hats, a number of T-shirts and sweatshirts featuring those aforementioned semi-nude shots, bombers, thongs, pins, and phone cases. But while the collection is full of scandalous imagery, including a wet T-shirt contest moment and a Polaroid of her straddling Tyga topless, the pieces that are sure to sell out the fastest are guaranteed to be the ripped-up top that reads, “I’m the Kylie You’re the Kendall,” and a white tee that pays tribute to the teen’s viral 2016 resolution video that says, “Like, Realizing Stuff.” A statement that truly none of us could have predicted would come to perfectly encapsulate so much of what we’ve experience this year.

UPDATE 11/21/16: As the suspense of Kylie’s store launch grows, so does the possibility that the beauty mogul is about to release much more than cosmetics — potentially altering the world as we know it.

Jenner shared a photo of the outside of her upcoming storefront, writing “it was all just a dream. Coming soon to the Topanga Westfield Mall. I grew up at this mall .. Crazy 12.9.16”

But before sharing the photo of her storefront, Jenner released another exciting update: her new website,, will also be launching on the same day. And while the site only consists of a countdown at the moment, she’s leading us to believe that there may be Kylie-designed lingerie — and/or Kylie-branded merch — in our futures.

Jenner teased the launch with a series of lingerie-clad photos of herself, along with a shot of a sweatshirt emblazoned with her face on the back, all of which she either tagged @thekylieshop or wrote “”

Whether or not her Kylie Cosmetics brick-and-mortar store and her new Kylie Jenner shop are related is unclear as of yet — but we can only imagine the possibility of purchasing a lip kit alongside our new Kylie Jenner-branded lingerie.

In major Kylie Jenner news: the 19-year-old makeup maven just gave fans the biggest sneak peek into her upcoming brick-and-mortar Kylie Cosmetics makeup store, which she just announced on Instagram is coming “soon.”

The star, who’s launching her Kylie Cosmetics Koko Collection with sister Khloé Kardashian this Wednesday, shared two behind-the-scenes shots of her inside the space, planning the interior design.

“MY VISION. I can’t wait for you guys to see what goes on inside my mind & what I’ve been working on. 100% Kylie,” Jenner said on one of her Instagram posts. (That’s either amazing or ominous, depending on who you ask.)

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Although we still don’t know much about the location of the store or when it will officially open (besides “soon”), the teasers pump us up for the big reveal.

So far, the store installed what appears to be a large white checkout counter, but the rest is up in the air in terms of design. Maybe the star will consult with interior design-loving sister Kourtney Kardashian during the process?

Jenner first hinted that a Kylie Cosmetics store was in the works this past June on Snapchat, when she posted videos while looking at open retail locations.

If she’s taking requests, we’d like a Kris Jenner-approved chandelier, Khloé Kardashian “KhloCD”-friendly stacks of snacks, a guest appearance from Rob Kardashian’s sock line and opening day makeovers from North.

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