April 14, 2014 03:38 AM

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We expected a lot of noteworthy hair happening this weekend at Coachella — after all, it’s a veritable Mecca for crazy braids, wild curls, neon streaks and (of course) flower crowns. But two stars in particular stood out among the rest of the feathered-and-beaded festival attendees: Vanessa Hudgens (left) and Kylie Jenner, both of whom went much blonder for the Indio, Calif. music festival.

Hudgens spent part of the weekend obscuring her entire face under a scarf, making it difficult to get a full view of her newly-lightened locks. But when she changed into her bikini top, jean shorts and oversized Western-inspired jewelry and belt, her much-blonder hair was on full display. She’s currently brunette to about her ears, at which point her hair becomes allover blonde, fading from sandy to nearly platinum at the tips, which cascade down her back. Like Selena Gomez, she added a hat and face jewelry to complete her Coachella transformation.

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Jenner, Gomez’s right-hand woman for the festival, also showed off some much-blonder (and significantly shorter) locks for the weekend. She’s had lighter ends for a while now, but her Coachella look had a much sharper brunette-to-blonde contrast, plus it looks like she lopped off about three inches. She tucked it up into a messy bun under a flower crown to DJ with big sis Kendall at another event.

How are you feeling about Vanessa and Kylie’s blonder-for-Coachella dos? Think they should go all the way?

–Alex Apatoff

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